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Expressing Yourself in Business is the difference between making a difference and not making a difference

Between joyful success and endless struggle

Between the freedom that you dream of and staying stuck

If you’re like me and my clients, you didn’t come here to follow protocol.

You came here to shake things up a bit.

You see things differently, and the world needs your seeing right now. It needs your intuition, insight, your deep-loving, sensitivity and care. It needs your creativity.

It’s time to unlearn the rules, the shoulds, the oughts, let go of other people’s ideas for you, and remember who you really are – and dare to share that with the world- so you can do the work you came here to do.

Because a woman tapped into her knowing, clear on her mission with the skills to communicate it with zest, and doing it all from a place of SoftPower, is unstoppable.

I’m Kate Wolf, Women’s Coach, Storyteller, creator of Message Magic and founder of The Beacons Sisterhood, where I support unconventional entrepreneurs to shine their quirky lights, so those who need them, find them.

I’m here to support and cheerlead you on your path to unapologetic self-expression.

I bring 13 years of experience in the Theatre and Creative Education – directing, writing, performing and teaching – to transform bland messaging into stories that connect – from both the page and the stage.   Read more here…

‘At 40-something, the retreat with you was the first time I’ve shared any of my story. I had this thing about navel gazing. i thought it was a waste of time. But listening to the others sharing their stories was a lightbulb moment for me. It made me realise how powerful our stories are and how much sharing them can help others. And, how NOT sharing them is actually selfish. Since the retreat things have unfolded quite magically – I’ve just submitted my book proposal to Hay House! And last week I spoke on stage for the second time and had amazing feedback from the audience. I just trusted that I knew what to say. The other thing that’s changed is that I realised I wasn’t meeting my ideal clients where they actually are. Now I know what my core message is, I don’t actually need to say it! Kate helped me find specific real-life examples to communicate to people exactly what they’ll get from working with me – things I had just not recognised as being valuable. I tend to see the inner shifts but that can seem esoteric and hard for people to get the benefits of. Knowing what to share so the people I want to work with really get it, is invaluable.

~ Helen Rebello

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