But shame, fear, society’s standards and familial expectations bury this innate brilliance under layers of protection.

Without awareness and ownership of what is uniquely valuable, fascinating and loveable about you, life is impossible to navigate well. 

We stumble around in the dark asking:

‘who am I to talk on that subject’

‘what will people think’

‘but I’m not an expert’…

But that brilliance is still there, inside you, waiting to be unleashed… 

And meanwhile your soul-aligned audience is there, waiting for your voice… 

Your innate brilliance just needs to be activated… 


In this 2024 kick-off special, Danielle and Kate will guide you through a process to activate your six-figure energy and write the words that will call in a flow of clients. 

The thing is, while your energy is off, you can work your ass into the ground and still not see results. 

With your energy activated, unleashed and flowing- that’s when miracles occur. 

In fact, the only way to ensure that what you’re sharing will attract the right clients AKA your soul-aligned clients, you need to first make sure your energy is on point!

Happening on Monday 15th January at 6pm UK/GMT.

Meet your hosts, energy healers and business owners

Danielle supports entrepreneurs to open to divine feminine energy, embody their worth and expand their capacity to hold great wealth – she will guide you in a six figure activation so that you are tuned in and open to the natural brilliance inside.

Kate works deeply with business owners to support them to trust themselves all the way to soul-soaring success. She helps them take their unique life experiences and expertise and turn it into a flow of content that attracts just-right clients – she will guide you in a process to write content that speaks to your ideal clients ready to pay you.

Get activated and ready for clients! Sign up here:

Monday 15th January – 6pm UK 


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