Beacons Live

Shine Bright so those who need you can find you, and pay you what you’re worth

Do you believe you can make more money, simply by being more YOU?

Maybe you think you need more letters after your name

More qualifications

More years of doing what you don’t love


In order to finally one day be earning the money that would fuel your dream life.

You know…


Jetting off to Thailand to sip coconuts
Booking a yoga retreat in Bali
Opting for the room with the jacuzzi bath?

Because right now, the self-employed dream isn’t really fulfilling on its promises of FREEDOM, is it?

Sure, you’re earning money, you don’t have to worry about paying the rent… but it’s not EXCITING money, not the kind that allows you to follow your heart to Thailand for a month.

And what is that tightness when someone asks, “What do you do?” You have a cleverly crafted elevator pitch, but lately it’s falling flat…… like it doesn’t quite encompass who you ARE…

The thing is, when you’re following all the shoulds and supposed to’s… it’s really hard to stand out.

You can’t truly light up the world in your own unique way.

And you were not born to fit in – especially not into some cookie-cutter business model.

I get it. It’s scary. Doing it your own way, putting your true self out there – it’s primal-fear inducing.

I’ve spent weeks hiding under the duvet after negative comments, my body tense, terrified about getting back in the arena and doing my thing.

But I’ve always come back

Brighter, bolder, and more aligned than ever before…

Because I know now that NOT being yourself is far, far, far more painful than potentially being criticised for being yourself.

Doing the work you were born to do.

Being the woman you were born to be.

Standing out, because you were never meant to fit in.

Because you came here with a destiny.

It’s not about a gratitude journal or a vision board anymore.

It's all about activation



  • Imagine yourself walking into a room oozing radiant confidence in who you are, knowing exactly why people buy from you and what to tell people you do.
  • Imagine doubling your rates to be consistent with the value you naturally deliver.
  • Imagine knowing you are enough, in all your perfect imperfections…brave enough to say out loud what you really think and strong enough to admit when you don’t have the answer.




At Beacons Live you will learn:

  • What it is about YOU that people will pay you for – your own PERSONAL BRAND OF MAGIC
  • How to HARNESS that knowledge to create a powerful and TRUE MARKETING MESSAGE about your work in the world
  • How to AMPLIFY that essence of you as you go through the world so you can be a BEACON for the people who need you
  • How to CHARGE and receive what you’re worth from clients that light you up
  • Your real WHY — the one that energizes and sustains you

ALL-INCLUSIVE with delicious, healthy, high-vibe meals

A supportive group of women to be yourself with.

A relaxed yet productive time-table to ensure you are so well-looked after that the work feels like play.

Opportunity to work on your business in a way you may never have allowed yourself to do before.


This retreat is an immersion into who you really are and what you’re about in the world. I’ve carefully crafted experiences, exercises, and enquiries to help this become abundantly clear. You will know how to introduce yourself, what people really see when they connect with you, the ways in which you block people from seeing you, and how to earn money by being who you really are. AND, in true Kate fashion, you will be supported by juicy self-care along the way with high-vibration foods, yoga, meditation, ritual, celebration, nature walks, and so much more!


If you’re ready to experience financial freedom as you let the real you shine bright, join me at BEACONS LIVE.

Who is this for?

  • You’re coping…

    …you’re not in the middle of a breakdown, but you’re probably not about to have a breakthrough, either.

  • You value freedom…

    … adventure and self-expression but there’s something you’re still hiding and you don’t even know what it is.

  • Business tactics…

    … that once worked aren’t working anymore- and you know you haven’t found your ideal client yet

  • You’re taking advice…

    …from well-meaning people who you know in your heart don’t get you.

  • You’re a little too hung-up…

    …on how many likes your Facebook posts are getting.

  • You have a sense…

    …that maybe you’re doing something that’s blocking people reaching you.

  • You’re afraid…

    …to take the risks you know you need to, to get to the next level of visibility and abundance.

  • You’ve outgrown…

    …what you’re currently doing – the future is nudging you and exciting you more than the present.

  • You’re starting…

    …to feel resentful of everything you’re doing for everyone else (the answer is not a gratitude journal).

Who is this not for?

  • You value playing it safe and staying small.

  • You don’t want to say anything that might offend anyone.

  • You really want to hold on to your story that money is the root of all evil and it’s wrong to want it.

  • You’re not ready to start taking a stand for who you really are.

  • You’re not ready to leave behind your victim story.

  • You really don’t want to be seen – you’d rather be an internet marketer hiding behind the scenes.

Can you imagine making more money, simply by being more YOU?

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