Money for your Magic
Money for your Magic

Do you long for a pause in the noise, a quiet space to reflect?

To gather all you have learnt and celebrate what you have created?

To honour and release what you no longer need, so you can step into a new year with clarity, direction and a sense of lightness? 

Together we will clear and release the energy of the last 12 months and prepare the way for more ease, flow and JOY in the coming year.

‘This was such an incredible experience for me, because I’d been feeling for ages like I needed to ‘get to grips’ with planning my year ahead. Now I see that doing this first, before making any concrete plans, was essential. It made me realise there is space for contradictions and stopped me falling into ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’. My vision for the year ahead feels clear, free and expansive’

Madeleine Forbes

Take a look at what happens inside:

Meet your Guide: 

Kate Wolf went from professional Clown to Six Figure CEO. She now harnesses over a decade of of experience in the theatre – writing, performing, directing and devising – to support service-based business owners to communicate their brilliance, connect with their audience and make money with their magic. 


Trained in therapeutic play, life coaching, women’s leadership training, voice vialogue, yin yoga, restorative yoga, reiki, and an award-winning choreographer (OK she was twelve years old – but it still counts right?!) Kate is perfectly poised to choreograph experiences that take you down to the depths, and through to the peace and joy that is always waiting on the other side of getting honest. 


Kate’s lovingly crafted body of work supports business owners to become wildly successful, in ways that allow them to burn bright, not out. 

‘During the workshop I really had a strong sense of connection with my vision and what I’m trying to create, but for once it was a little more grounded in the near future (1-2 years) rather than ‘way out’ there. Kate’s guided meditation/visualisation really helped me to access that more intuitive part of me which I often struggle to reach on my own, and her gentle but focused questioning led to me setting intuitive milestones which have given me a sense of focus and structure to my year. A focus which feels aligned, exciting and energising – and achievable – rather than forced or stressful. I’m so glad I took part and feel a beautiful mix of buzzing and peaceful!’

Jen Le Marinel

Let’s plan the coming year in collaboration with our intuition. I promise it will be much more fun than normal planning workshops and you will not hear mention of the word ‘resolutions’…

Instead, there will be:

Space for grief and realness
Intuiting new beginnings
Uncovering what is holding you back from living your most fully expressed life

…So you can feel free to be you, fully owning who you are and daring to share your gifts with the world… In a big way!

(Or… in whatever size way feels good and right for you)

If you know you need to hit re-set, if things that were working just aren’t working anymore, or if you’re simply ready for MORE ease, more self-love, and more joy …

…then I invite you to join me for

Completing & Welcoming

Completing & Welcoming

‘Kate’s New Year retreat is a wonderful opportunity to pause, reflect, process your experiences and dream new dreams. She holds space beautifully and creates a warm, nurturing environment, within which you will find the space and the courage to confront your challenges, celebrate your strengths, and uncover your true desires. The retreat was the best few hours I have spent in a very long time!’
Claire Maycock