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Imagine a world where we each know how brilliant we really are. Where we have been taught to value our unique gifts and quirks and to embrace and share them with joy. Where we get to do work that fulfils our soul longings and fills up our bank account. So we can enjoy our lives and give to the causes we care about.



I want that world – and I want it for you.


 However. As sensitive women we are hardwired to know what other people are feeling and we can take this on as responsibility for how others are feeling. We learn very quickly to fit in, not rock the boat, and definitely not show off.  




Many of my brilliantly sensitive clients find themselves busy bowing at the altar of What Other People Think – they are squishing their star-shaped souls into square-shaped holes.






They feel frustrated, lonely, and like there’s something inside they want to express, but can’t.  



And meanwhile, the world is missing out on their gifts.




 Here’s what I want you to know:

Showing up is very different to showing off. 

 And showing up with your truth is the thing that changes your life and your business.


Let’s get free of other people’s expectations so you can stand in your truth and share your magic.



Daring to Share your Magic leads to:



✨ Increased Reach

✨ Increased Revenue

✨ And Increased Revelling



Growing up as a Sensitive being in our fast-paced and sometimes harsh world, many of us have built up defences against the world. We’ve learnt how to fit in. 



But the thing is, if you’re Sensitive, you didn’t come here to fit in.


You came here to shine your light (and shake things up).



It’s time to let go of the fear of What Other People Think, and start daring to share the real you.


Messy. Muddling through. Magnificent.


Trying to be perfect, having it all together and figured out IS the path to burn-out.


Showing up as yourself and sharing things you care about is the path to loving what you do and getting to do more and more of what you love (and less of the rest).



Your truth is mesmerising to your real ideal clients. The ones who make work feel FUN.

 And that’s what Mesmerise is all about.


On this journey you will stop thinking there is anything to fix. Because Nothing About You Is Wrong.


And you will start daring to share the real, unfiltered fullness of you.


That’s when you start attracting clients you LOVE working with.


Because they want you to be you.

Not shiny and got it all sorted.

Simply you.


You’ll stop thinking you need to be an expert. And you’ll start saying things that matter.

And THAT is what has people lean in, listen up and private message you wanting to work with you.




 Your truth is a Beacon that attracts clients


who want you to be you.




Meet Kate… 

Kate Wolf is the founder of Spirited Business and creatrix of StorySchool and Mesmerise. As a catalyst for creative self-expression, Kate helps highly sensitive entrepreneurs to stop bowing at the altar of What Other People Think and dare to share their own unique voice. It is from this place that they find the work they really came here to do, and the words that sell it. Her lovingly crafted body of work supports business owners to become wildly successful, in ways that allow them to burn bright, not out.

 Through Spirited Business and her two signature programmes, Kate weaves together her gifts of deep intuition, storytelling magic, and the practical ability to bring an idea through into a communicable form – all whilst ensuring the process feels joyful and fun. Kate has spent 6 years ‘in the field’ working with hundreds of brilliantly sensitive business-owners, helping them to trust their ability to communicate, and turning bland or confusing messaging into brands that beam with personality. Kate will help you speak from the heart, with clarity, purpose and concision, articulating the message and offering that will attract your dream clients to your business door.


Throughout your journey in Mesmerise, you will experience… 


✨ Deep connection with your work and refined clarity on why you do what you do.

✨ Creative and practical ways to grow your business and your leadership in a way that feels good and congruent with your values.

✨ Explore how to show up in a big way without overwhelm. Discover ways of sharing what you do that feel natural and in flow for you.

✨ Accountability to continue to grow your visibility so you can burn bright and reach and impact the people you’re called to serve.

✨ Accountability to make sure you are regularly tending the fire. No burn out on my watch.

✨ A safe, nurturing space to hold and support you, so you can let go of self-doubt, gain self-acceptance and embrace all of who you are.




Being part of this group has given me a platform and support to the voice that whispered “there is a place and way of working ‘out there’, that doesn’t deny the ‘in here’”. I was yearning for sisters. Here are the sisters, that see the light and stoke the fire. Here is the sisterhood that holds the cyclic nature of women as its alchemical medicine. Not just for us as individuals, but also for the world. I know now that I am worth more than I have believed myself to be. This is shining through in a way I have not known before. Awakening.  To know there is a love of the slow and simple as well as bright and big. Building a business from my core, from the map of the flowing between the two.’

~ Kathryn E M John

We do this through…


~ Making the Magic Happen ~

1 x month 

Once a month, you’ll be guided through a calming and grounding group planning and productivity session with my trusted productivity mentor, Louise Miller.

Louise is the most kind productivity expert you will ever meet, and she will help you to create a realistic plan each month; one that gets you facing in the right direction, and feeling good about it.


~ Intuitive Business Guidance ~

1 x month

Once a month, you get access to me and my intuitive business coaching. Anything that’s getting in the way of you sharing your magic is a business issue. Nothing is off-limits.

Think of these group coaching sessions as an open, supportive, intuitive business forum. Let’s get you focused and moving gracefully forward with what’s important.


~ Wild Voice Content Creation ~

1 x month

Spend time each month dedicated to connecting with your true voice and the you that was never tamed or conditioned – and knows exactly what she thinks and what she wants! You will find that these Wild Voice group sessions regularly unlock energy and result in potent social media shares, blogs and Facebook lives that bring eager attention to your work.

Find yourself in flow with your content creation, writing faster than you ever dreamed possible: potent, magnetic shares. Develop and deepen your brand voice so it becomes recognisable and memorable. Find a level of freedom in your self-expression that leads to deep self-trust and peace – so you can say yes to the opportunities that will come your way, and not hold back. 




~ Sacred Listening ~

1 x per week

Every Monday morning, we will gather for Sacred Listening time; a relaxed group meditation to start your week by tuning in. Starting your week in this way, week after week, will shift your capacity to be present in the moment, and able to respond to life with intention and right choice.


Daily (if you so desire!)…


~ Access to the Mesmerise Private Group on Facebook ~

Access to the Mesmerise private group on Facebook and a community of brilliantly sensitive self-employed business owners who will see you, celebrate you and support you. 

A safe space to practice showing up as the real you, no ‘upping’ needed.



~ Finding Flow, Forming Dreams ~

Quarterly – Full day workshop with Kate Wolf and Louise Miller   

Every season, we will gather for a day-long immersion to tune into the energy of that time in the wheel of the year and what it is asking of us and offering us. Time to reflect, harvest your learnings and celebrate so you can move forward wiser and more resourced.

Over the course of the year this will support you to get into the flow of the cycle of creativity – through dreaming, playing, producing and finessing your offerings. Regularly spend time visioning your future so you can walk your path with purpose and focus. Knowing your direction makes decision-making much easier!

At these quarterly immersions, I will teach on topics pertinent to the current energies and also the needs of the group. Louise will support you to create a plan for the upcoming 3 months; a plan that feels good and aligned with who you are, where you are, and the direction you want to be travelling in.

‘Thank you so much Kate, that was such a nourishing, beautiful experience. Kate’s ‘Finding Flow, Forming Dreams’ workshop was exactly what I needed – soul nourishment with magical visioning combined. I went into it wanting clarity on my next steps and came out feeling filled-up from all I have achieved so far, and in a place of full surrender and acceptance that I don’t have to have everything figured out! I just need to take those small steps and follow my internal ‘yeses’, open to the possibility of where they will take me.

Thank you so much for holding such a creative and safe space. It allowed me to fully celebrate ME and see the amazing things I’ve achieved and how far I’ve come as well as have that mirrored back to me, which I wouldn’t have even realised. This was such a motivating moment and something I would never do alone’

~ Tara Jackson

Throughout the year…

~ Round Table Leadership Days ~

Twice a year we will gather as a group for a round-table. This will be an opportunity for collaborative ventures to unfold, for members of the group to practice holding the space, and for us as a group of tuned in magic-makers to explore – and create – new ways of Leading.


~ Teachings and Trainings ~

A cornerstone of this program is the teaching and trainings which will empower you to apply the inner learnings to practical pieces eg. how to design a webinar from your wild voice for purpose and profit, how to make yourself wildly partnerable for JVs and collaborations, and how to burn bright in your launches without burning out.

For those joining in February 2021, our first workshop will be on Clearing the Path to Success, followed by an immersive experience to support you to embrace, integrate and love the different parts of you, entitled ‘Safe to be Seen’. This will ensure that the path is clear, and you are ready! 


I was always nervous and worried talking about my passion, because I work with people who are vulnerable and need to be approached in a sensitive way. I could never really find my authentic voice to deliver the important message that I knew I needed to, in order to reach the people that needed to hear it.

I joined the course understanding that it would help me to connect more authentically with my audience and to reflect my values through the stories I tell. One of the biggest surprises for me has been the self-development aspect of this journey. I’d never really understood how storytelling could have such a profound effect on your development and growth. Being able to see my life through all these wonderful stories that I tell now has been very rewarding, healing and enables me to express my inherent creativity.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful, transformational business.

~ Augustina Tetsola



In addition to the above, you’ll receive: 

✨ Access to the next round of my flagship storytelling course StorySchool, happening in Spring 2021. 


 When you pay in full, you’ll also receive: 

✨ A bonus hour of one-to-one coaching with Kate to work on whatever you desire.  



I’m quite shy and timid in a new environment and Kate created such a wonderful space where I was able to truly express myself – whatever I needed, I was able to do.

Through working with Kate, I unearthed a very magical and playful core of me. The best outcome is a complete knowing of myself and giving up giving a crap! I’ve let go of so much. Now, when stuff comes up I am not veering off my Purpose – I know what I’m doing and why. It’s complete truth and it makes it all possible!

It is possible to be playful, fun, adventurous AND professional. You walk your talk, Kate, in such a relaxed way. Being in this group has encouraged the magic to continue, I wouldn’t be without them.’

~ Samantha Geddes

‘You offer the whole package of self and business development and growth. You understand what I need to work on and how I work, which enables me to find ways of working with least resistance. You helped me create a simple structure to follow and it makes sense. It’s become an anchor and vision where I now focus on in my marketing and offers.

Because my self belief has rocketed, my impostor syndrome and fear have lessened. I created several new programmes, and have sold 2 of them already. I created a Facebook group and keep expanding my reach. I now have business rules which I abide by, give myself permission and time to play and for creative thinking.

Your intuition and magical abilities to see what needs to be seen and worked on (even though I didn’t necessarily want to!) always prove to be the exact medicine for what I need. It feels challenging and yet liberating. You help me see things and myself from different perspectives which has helped me immensely with my mindset change.

I wish I’d known you long before now because it would have saved me a lot of money, time and energy working with other coaches and buying different courses. It is the best investment I have ever made in my life and business. People say never cut corners, but in this case, cut corners and get straight to the top and best coach! I am deeply grateful.’

~ Claryn Nicholas

‘Kate’s work verges on magical, I swear! Wow! Never have I felt so heard, so seen, so known, so understood. And so encouraged to bring the real me out into the world.

Working with Kate has been transformational. I gained so much clarity on the direction I wanted to take and I even ended up rebranding my business. I now have a brand that excites me and I feel I can really own.

My confidence in my work – and in who I am in that work – grows month on month, and I’ve had some great feedback from clients reflecting that back at me.  If you feel even the slightest calling to work with Kate, trust that calling! I can’t recommend her enough.’

~ Jen Le Marinel

It’s time to burn bright as the real you.

No more dimming your desires and swallowing your truth.

Bold. Bright. Brilliant.

Making money from sharing your magic.


Let’s Do This.

Let’s Change the Story.

Let’s Burn Bright, Together.


This is about stopping listening to people who want you to be less than you are.

This is about stopping trying to do it all by yourself.

This is about surrounding yourself with people who see you, support you when you’re down and celebrate with you when you’re shining bright.

This is about surrounding yourself with people who give you permission to shine EVEN brighter.

And loving reminders to rest when you need.

This is about letting your truth be seen and getting the right attention for your soul-inspired business. 

This is:

Here’s what you’ll receive when you join me for Mesmerise: 

  • 1 x monthly Making the Magic Happen – a calming and grounding group planning and productivity session with Louise Miller, my personal productivity mentor.

  • 1 x monthly Intuitive Business Guidance – open group forum with access to me and my intuitive business coaching.

  • 1 x monthly Wild Voice Content Creation – group writing session, connect with your Wild Voice, write from that place and find flow with your content creation. 

  • 1 x weekly Sacred Listening – a group meditation to start your week by tuning in.

  • 1 x quarterly Finding Flow, Forming Dreams – a full day workshop as a group to help you reflect and harvest your learnings, vision your future and walk your path with purpose and focus. 

  • 2 x yearly Round Table Leadership Days – an opportunity for collaboration, to practice holding the space, and exploring new ways of Leading.


  • Teachings and trainings throughout the year – designed to empower you to apply the inner learnings to practical pieces. 

  • Access to the Mesmerise Facebook Group – and a supportive community of brilliantly sensitive business-owners. 



  • Complimentary access to the next round of StorySchool – my flagship storytelling course, coming in Spring 2021.

  • One hour one-to-one coaching with me – time for you to work on whatever you desire (bonus when you pay in full).

Mesmerise in its current format is limited to 30 members, so I can give you the attention and support you and your business needs. You will be joining a supportive, soul-centred community; a brave space where you can access and express your wild voice – authentic, vulnerable, real – before sharing with the world. So you can reach and impact those you are called to serve with your words and your work.

Where to start?! Kate has an insane ability to turn the wafflings and ramblings in my head into something coherent and meaningful. By deciphering the stuff in my head she has helped me create a brand for my business which I’m in love with, launch a Facebook page, speak at an event and sign up for 2 more, get comfortable with sales and write the first pages of a book!

On top of that, I became so uncomfortable not doing the thing I felt called to do, working with her gave me the confidence to approach my employer to get permission to work on my business as a side hustle. Ultimately however, she got me so aligned with my vision and purpose that I’m now working my notice from that job, so that I can work on my business full time. 

I have never once felt stupid, judged or uncomfortable with Kate, even in times of deep emotion and vulnerability. She seems to know exactly the right thing to do or say to push your thinking to the next realisation, and I’ve felt 100% supported, safe and heard the whole time. 

If you’re thinking about working with Kate – that bit of you that’s a bit nervous, unsure, resistant… ignore her. She’s doing her best to protect you but she’s not learnt yet what’s on the other side. It’s awesome, and Kate will guide you there and be by your side all the way. You’re in safe hands.

~ Emma Djemil

Kate is a gifted guide and mentor who holds clear and consistent boundaries whilst intuitively guiding each participant towards their next stage of development. Thank you from my soul!

~ Emily Phillips