‘Kate is a powerful healer who exudes a generosity of spirit in everything she does – from deep listening to laser-sharp reflection of those in her care. As a result of our work together, I feel clearer and more confident than ever sharing my empowering message to those I serve. Thank you, Kate! I look forward to our continued work together!’

~ Analesa Berg, Social Artist and Founder, Shema Productions.


‘Kate helps you to get your inside-magic, out!

~ Louise MacFarlane

Again and again I’ve pushed away what I already know with judgements

‘that’s not deep enough, wise enough, transformative enough… not something enough.’

Not enough.

‘Plus surely everyone already knows that?’

Turns out they didn’t.

But I had to be shown, reminded and sometimes beat about the head a few times before I finally admitted that I had something worth sharing. Something that was sitting there all along. Something I’ve ALWAYS done. Easefully and effortlessly.

My mum says I was born able to read. She sat down with me one day and got out these cards and I started reeling off the sentences, with correct intonation. At 3 years old.


As soon as my sister could form letters I started giving her little exercises to do in a notebook!
And I spent my childhood directing us both in plays for my parents.





In my early 20s I took off on my own, travelling around Asia- I went to Vietnam, Cambodia (where I taught drama to young Cambodians in a tiiiny town where no other tourist stayed for more than a day! The kids would pick me up on their mopeds and drive me to ‘work’!) I went to Laos (where I taught report writing to a United Nations Development Program, and yoga on the roof of a school) and Thailand – where I trained in reiki.

I spent years exploring energy and healing and self-care
I’m still exploring it

But what I’ve realised, is that Self-Expression is the greatest and most free-ing form of Self-Care. I believe it’s essential for our health and happiness. And I love all different forms of creative self-expression – dancing, doodling, making collages…

But words are my first love.

Twice I’ve sat down and an entire play has poured out.

One of those plays made a man cry. The other made a woman woop.

I like those results.

I like it when people feel what they’re feeling. I like being a safe space for that. And I find that from that honesty, from touching the truth, the most powerful messages flow.

I wonder what that thing is for you?

That thing you’ve always done?

I’d love to support you to get super clear on what I call your Zone of Magic – that place you shine like no-one else- and help you share it from the stage.

I’d love to help YOUR powerful message to flow, with a dash of sparkle.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Expressing yourself effectively in Business is the difference between being heard and being overlooked, being successful and staying stuck, and – really importantly for my clients – making a difference and not making a difference.

The marketplace is busy these days, but as soon as you step on to the stage – you’re in a market place of ONE.

It’s a very intelligent business move- well done!

But it goes deeper than that.

Having something inside you that you don’t know how to express in its fullness is painful. Have you go to the point yet where it physically hurts?

For me, it was an aching in my heart. I felt like I was going to explode!

No exploding on my watch, OK?

Except maybe with Joy.

Let’s get your Magic out in the world, to the people who need it.

The VIP Experience

This is one of my favourite things to deliver! I’m a bloomin’ good Coach but do you know where I still feel the most at home? In a rehearsal room, with nothing but an idea to explore, and craft into a performance. Or in front of an empty sheet of paper. Total. Delight.


I’ve crafted this experience so that when we are together, we’ve ALREADY sorted out all the business bits so there are no decisions to make – as this gets in the way of creative free-flow.

Here’s what we’ll do:

Pre-Day work:

MessageMagic Private Immersion: Workbook and 3hour deep-dive with me to get clarity on your message and what you’re selling.

Day together: We’ll spend a whole day on our feet, walking your talk. We’ll workshop, write, practice, re-hash, practice, laugh, scribble out, re-write, practice… you get the picture.

Crucially – you will walk out the door with your talk fully scripted. You’ll know how to deliver the talk with ease and style, fully embodied, with a powerful presence.

Even more crucial – you will sound like YOU. No weird formulas, no NLP tricks. I will draw out the most powerful, potent, uniquely quirky you (your ideal clients will love your quirks, I promise!) You wanna sing? We’ll put in a song. Dance? Let’s do it. Storytell? Err, I won’t let you NOT.

Post-Day fun:

You have one month to create your Speaker 1-Sheet – I’ll give you a template – and get feedback and edits from me.

Plus a few juicy bonuses!

1. My ‘Getting Booked to Speak’ step by step guide, personalised for you, your industry and your goals  

2. My little black book of photographers, videographers,  personal stylists and graphic designers (for that speaker sheet!) with discounts unique to my clients, to make sure you look the part and capture it!

PLUS Record your first talk post VIP day and I’ll give you feedback on your presentation and tips to make the next one even better



During our day together, you will be cared for and nourished with drinks, snacks and a nutritious and delicious lunch.

Spending a whole day working with Kate on my signature speech was amazing! It was such a nourishing and wonderful day and helped me hone in on the exact story I needed to tell – I know now that it is that story, right on the edge, that is the one I need to share at this point in my business – the one that will connect with the women I am here to help. It felt SO GOOD to have someone there who hears me and gets me. I was nervous at first but there was a freedom created for me to be able to explore without yet knowing the answer – and then somehow it came! AND, somewhere along the way it started to feel like fun!! I felt like I played for a whole day, and got more work done than I would have done if I’d been on my own, as we held such focus. Then came actually sharing my new speech on stage. I’ve done talks before, but this was the most personal. It felt amazing to let go of a layer of my old ‘showbiz’ persona on stage, that wasn’t supporting where I want to go anymore. Just being me on stage and sharing my story felt really powerful and I got some amazing feedback, a speaker video made and a new client! Such a relief to have my new signature speech written, practiced and performed! (phew!) Thank you SO MUCH for your support Kate.

PS; I also want to share that after our last call I took a nap!! In times gone past this would NOT have been allowed, it feels revolutionary! And now I’m ready to play again 😉 It feels so wonderful to truly be nourishing my mind, body and soul in this way and I am more focused than ever. Thank you again.


~ Kate Gerry


‘I’ve always dreaded video so much. And I attempted it quite a few times before just deciding it wasn’t for me. I thought ‘what’s the point in trying again if these things don’t work out the way I want? it must not be my way of communicating’. I wanted to do Facebook lives but never even attempted because the recorded ones didn’t come out so well.

I really liked that we spent some time on the structure rather than working out the script. Even just having that clear distinction between the two really helped. Just knowing the points I want to make rather than trying to memorise everything I want to say – that’s where I would wobble in the past because when I forgot the script I would need to re-film, go off track, then I’d get tired!

Plus I need that element of spontaneity to be captivating so memorising the script doesn’t work anyway! Having the structure helped so much because it gave me a prompt so I can relax and don’t have to think ‘what’s next?’

Now it feels do-able –  I know what I need to do and it’s not so scary. I realised it’s not that I’m terrible at it and should never try it, it’s just that I didn’t have a few things in place that I needed. Like being clear on what I want to say without over-scripting it.

I really liked the way we worked, especially the warm-up- chatting about my message and what I wanted to communicate. You asking me questions and giving me feedback helped to get me in the mood!

And the beauty of it is i can replicate the structure for other videos and I’m excited to make more now! I feel confident and ready to go!’


~ Natalie Shpek, Personal Brand Stylist


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