How to claim the gifts in your sensitivity...and share them for purpose and profit

Experience the healing power of Wild Voice™ Writing.

A chance to connect with your body – where your truth and wisdom live – and write from there.

Unleash real, raw, powerful truths that will transform your life and the lives of those they touch.

ReWild Your Voice with two days of Wild Voice Writing classes, led by the first cohort of
Wild Voice Facilitators, trained by Kate Wolf.

You have four opportunities to meet your Wild Voice:

Tuesday 13th September

9.30am – 11.30am UK

1pm – 3pm UK

Wednesday 14th September

9.30am – 11.30am UK

1pm – 3pm UK

During each session, you’ll be led by two Wild Voice Facilitators in-training to experience the unique magic that each facilitator brings to the process.

You can attend as many of the four sessions as you like. There is no cost to attend and it is all happening online. There won’t be any recordings shared afterwards so you must be available to attend live, and for the whole duration of the two-hour sessions.


Meet Kate: 

Kate has been self-employed for two decades and knows a thing or two about the high highs and the low lows – and what it takes to keep going. After years of frustration at marketing courses that left her cold (and bored) she turned to her trusty notebook and created ways to uncover what she really wanted to say – turns out, what she really wanted to say, others really wanted to hear, and the Wild Voice way was born. No manufacturing authority or pressing pain points needed – simply true, honest, real, potent Wild Voice missives. As the founder of Spirited Business, Kate now delivers wildly successful and soul-satisfying training and coaching, supporting service-based entrepreneurs to find their voice, trust their magic, and grow their businesses.

The facilitators in-training:

Rionach Aiken

Dunia Shafik

Nina Khoo

Monika Vijh

Kirstine Weaver

Emily Phillips

Valdirene Ruston

Maggie Cunningham

Carol Ann Usher

Moments captured by Mi Elfverson from the Wild Voice Facilitators In-Training Retreat.