My coaching with Kate was transformative, fun and catalytic. It gave me the confidence to call in the support I need to step into leadership more strongly in my life. I’m a different woman on the other side. In some tangible ways; I’m making more money than ever before, I have a brilliant support network, I am planning my time differently. And in some more mysterious, intangible ways – I have new resources within me to call upon in times of challenge; an inner queen to decide what should and shouldn’t be in my realm, an inner warrior to bring added fire and lightness to my work, an inner mother and lover to root me in love and help me stay true to my self care, and an inner sorceress to help me stay connected to the magical flow of abundance that this coaching has awoken in me. I recommend this coaching programme to all women who want to lead from their feminine strength and power.!

~ Sophie Jane Mortimer, Communications Director for TreeSisters and co-founder of Women’s Wellness Circle

We live in a world where go-go-go is the normal.

It’s expected. It’s praised.

We wear ‘I’m so busy’ like a badge of honour.

But is that really taking you in the direction you want your life to go?

Or, is it taking you further and further away from who you really are and what you really want? … What you really came here for??

We are living in such crazy times of information overload, overnight success ‘inspiration’ and incessant messages of how we can be better – financially, in how we look, how we dress, in our relationships and now spiritually too.



I’m Kate Wolf, I’m a Women’s Coach and healer, highly trained in everything it takes to get you off the hamster wheel of hustle and onto more solid ground, from where you can survey your realm and make empowered choices.

It’s time to take the shoulds away from the steering wheel, put other people’s opinions in the backseat (or take them to the dump) and get you back in the driving seat of your own life.

If you’re ready to dive deep, let go of what’s holding you back and start implementing new habits that will make those secret dreams you keep in your heart a lot more likely, let’s talk. You can apply for a consultation here: 

I don’t do quick-fix and if you’re my ideal client, that’s not what you want anyway. You want deep, soul-inspired transformation, and the kind of magic and miracles that can only come when we surrender what we think we know…

I’ve experienced coaching that stays on the surface and frankly, it bores and frustrates me.

If we work together, I will support you to make profound shifts which will help you retire SuperWoman and slip into SoftPower

SoftPower coaching is designed to help you:

  • Minimise time spent in disempowering Archetypes and retire Superwoman once and for all
  • Give up masculine habits making you sick/disconnected/rundown
  • Increase your feminine magnetic presence and availability for ease, grace and receiving
  • Embrace your soft power
  • Learn how to set boundaries gracefully
  • Work with, instead of against, your cyclic nature
  • Learn what makes you healthy and what depletes you and start creating gentle shifts in your life for more wellness
  • See your creative side blossom
  • Discover the real you
  • And express her Unapologetically in Life & Business

SoftPower Coaching is a 3 month journey to totally own your power – not an old, learnt version of power that’s exhausting to your nervous system, but a soft, dare I even say it, juicy sort of power.

As a yoga teacher and women’s coach, and someone who has been self-employed now for a decade, I know the ins and outs of running a business. I know what it takes. I know how tempting it is to keep working when you’re tired because ‘just this one more thing!’ turns into two more hours and glazed eyes.

I have the tools and techniques to soothe the part of you that always thinks she has to be doing more.

When you work with me you’ll benefit from the thousands of hours I’ve spent teaching yoga and learning what it really takes to support people to feel safe enough to relax.

You’ll benefit from my fierce dedication to self-care and creating a life you absolutely LOVE.

And, you’ll benefit from my deep intuition and ability to see you and hear you – something many clients tell me they have literally never experienced at such a deep level before.

From that place of feeling relaxed, of knowing doing ‘more’ is not the answer, of having retired your inner SuperWoman who thinks she has to do it all by herself, and from experiencing, week after week, being really seen and heard

We’ll introduce you to 5 Powerful Feminine Archetypes to fuel and guide you from now on.

Busy and burnt-out will become a thing of the past, and SoftPower will become your new realityline


What’s Included?

  • 12 weekly Coaching Sessions with me
  • Accountability between calls – for your intentions and your Self-Care
  • Further material – audios, documents, as and when needed (I won’t give it to you unless you need it – no more overwhelm!)


Bonus! PowerTypes Profiling Tool

The profiling tool for women leaders. Discover 5 Women’s PowerTypes which offer you a new approach to leadership – at home, at work, and in the world.

By understanding your strengths and least-expressed PowerTypes it gives you the opportunity to grow, flourish and develop in your leadership and all areas of your life.

Beautiful PowerType cards will be delivered to your door… plus a few surprises

You’re ready for something bigger. You’re ready to grow. You’re so ready you feel you might burst! But *something* is stopping you…

To jump, first you must crouch.

To go to the next level you have to dive deep.


Ready for more…?

Ease grace faith flow power impact freedom purpose

‘Kate’s ability to intuitively understand the complex world within and help on the journey to healing is both inspirational and miraculous. She is able to see deeply buried inner turmoil and provide a safe environment to explore it. My husband and I have both learnt through working with Kate, to process our true emotions instead of medicating, lashing out or suppressing. To see life for what it actually is. Kate’s vitality and excitement for the world is transferred through the amazing work that she does. She is a truly gifted individual, committed to making a difference in people’s lives. The work she does is highly valued by both myself and my husband, we cannot recommend her work enough.’

~ Katherine

‘The biggest, most mind-blowing discovery to me during this program is how women’s coaching can – and should! – be tailored specifically to women, taking in consideration not only our cycles (super mega important, right?!), but the fact that the models we normally tend to follow are male oriented. They might well work to help us succeed to some extent, but eventually, every woman I knew at one point or another has suffered from burn-out, depression, feelings of lack of purpose…

The work Kate proposed to me was a process of going back to what is important, being playful, taking care of my needs first, substituting stale models with fresh feminine energy that is nurturing, fierce, stable, intuitive and sexy.

Those 12 weeks were really emotionally intense. Kate, though riding the emotional rollercoaster by my side, always had a soothing and nurturing presence, her voice has this calming quality, she’s generous, patient and loving. And you can tell she LOVES what she does!!

I’m sure it’s not over, as I can feel the stirring of the energy just below the surface here.

Ladies, really, I can’t recommend this enough.

[Oh, and it doesn’t matter where in the world you happen to be;) ]

~Cecilia Pepper

‘I realised I really like who I am and I just have to do less. I used to feel guilty doing nothing and have to fill it up with ‘self-improvement’ tasks, but now I want to schedule time to do nothing and enjoy who I already am’

Sarah Filby

Your presence in listening, and your subtle ability to filter out ‘mind stuff’ from passion and heart felt expression, was beautiful and profoundly useful!

Thank you for believing in your ability and following your path with such loving care for yourself and others Thank you for offering your self and your clarity in your work, it gives me deep courage in myself to do the same’

~Deborah Ward


If you’re ready to go deep, let go of old habits of pushing and striving, stop ‘doing’ more and start being more of who you really are… apply below for SoftPower Leadership, the acclaimed One of Many 12 week leadership program for women. We will create transformation at the root so that everything else shifts.

This is so much more than Coaching. This is a SoftPower Revolution.