You’ve been trying to build a business for so long. 


You spend time scrolling on social media and you see other coaches/healers/course creators who look more successful than you… and honestly, you’re thinking:

I’m smarter than that, I’m better than that, why can’t I have that level of engagement. Why aren’t people commenting on my posts telling me I’ve blown their mind. Why aren’t I that successful yet?’

Then you see the flashy-flashy marketing style, the Gucci, the jet planes the infinity pool shot and you think:

‘That’s not me and if that’s what it takes I’m not willing’.

You don’t want to become a sleazy salesperson

But you DO want to make money from sharing your magic.

You want to have more freedom.

You want to have more quality time with your family.

You want more adventure, more travel and you want recognition for the depth of the level at which you know you work.

  •  to have a 6-figure business that feels completely authentic, true-to-you and attracts clients you love working with 
  • to know you grew your business all the way to a financially successful place without selling-out on your integrity 
  • to be the one that strangers approach at events and conferences, you’re recognised, you’re rocking it and you’re authentic with it 
  • to know how to turn that attention into clients and cash 
  • to have a pathway laid out in front of you that you actually wanted to walk down.


Introducing the…

Introducing the Pathway to Purposeful Profits

Build the business your soul wants

at this online event happening on

Wednesday 13th September
10am – 4pm UK

Let’s demystify the 6-figure success journey

The strategies, the skills, the steps, the sums – it’s stupidly simple and I’m going to pull back the curtain on all of it. 

Come along and get clear and focused and ready to end 2023 on a high.


Here’s what you’re going to walk away with

Simple Sums

The clarity on the exact numbers it takes to build a 6-figure business without working crazy hours, sacrificing your health, happiness or holidays.

Simple Strategy

Make sure your business plan is in alignment with your lifestyle vision so you’re not building your way to burnout.

Simple Steps

Discover the exact steps to take to become the version of you that has a successful business doing work you love, having huge impact, and lots of fun.

Simple Skills

Stop getting confused by the seemingly endless lists of tasks you need to master as a business owner. Get clear and focused on the two skills, yes- there really are just two, you need to invite in all the success you dream of.

Meet your guide

Kate Wolf went from professional Clown to Six Figure CEO.

She supports coaches, healers, writers and speakers to build businesses that balance their unique magic with tried-and-tested mechanics, resulting in easeful and joyful growth.

Kate has spent eight years ‘in the field’ working with hundreds of brilliant business-owners, helping them to trust their ability to communicate, and turning bland or confusing messaging into brands that beam with personality.

She will help you speak from the heart, with clarity, purpose and concision, articulating the message and offering that will attract your just-right clients to your business door. So that you get to both fill up your bank account and feel truly fulfilled.

Kate has guided clients to:

  • go from making their first ever sale to achieving their first 10k month
  • craft TED Talks that have had more than 12k views
  • step powerfully into the leadership roles they were born to play.

What others are saying

My events seem to fill up effortlessly

‘Kate introduced me to a whole new way of speaking about what I do that is so much more authentic – and much more powerful too. Because it’s so much more “me” it flows so wonderfully and the brilliant thing is that this new way of speaking up is much more compelling for my audience too. I am getting many more heartfelt and positive responses on Facebook and in person, and my events seem to fill up effortlessly. Kate is a true treasure and the journey she takes you on is priceless.’

Oona Alexander

Revenue increased by 62% and now I’m pretty much fully booked

‘My work with you was the thing that’s made the biggest difference to my business out of all of the business support that I’ve had over the last few years, for sure.

Business is flowing in a way I always dreamed of but probably never really believed would happen.

My revenue increased by 62% and I’m now pretty much fully booked for the year. And it’s been really easy.’

Helen Reynolds

I wish I had met Kate years ago

‘There is a simplicity about the steps that for the first time made me feel like I had a small hill to climb and not a mountain. For the first time I have dared to explore and bring on board my whole self. I wish I had met Kate years ago.’

Maryam Yahya

You’ve given me practical steps which CAN be done

‘You’ve given me practical steps / bite size chunks which CAN be done to get to the next place, rather than a solid cliff face. You’ve shown us the handholds in the wall.’

Elizabeth Jackson

This is what’s possible for you

after the  Pathway to Purposeful Profits:

Before the event

  • Waking up every day confused about what to do, falling down social media comparison holes, writing endless to-do lists not knowing where to start.
  • Beating yourself up because you look at other people who you see are rocking it and you start telling yourself you don’t have what it takes.
  • Distracted and overwhelmed by every marketing guru out there, every new platform (hello threads) and blaming the algorithm for your lack of engagement.
  •  Wasting money on fancy websites, funnels and strategies that don’t make sense for your business.

After the event

  • In possession of a clear path to a 6-figure business doing work that is authentic to you.
  • Finally understanding what it requires to hit your financial targets – no more busy being busy.
  • Building an audience that wants to hear what you have to say and knowing how to graceful move people from curious to paying clients.
  •  Knowing the two skills required to make good money in any economy and no matter where life takes you.