A 4-hour workshop with Kate Wolf to help you stand out to your just-right clients

Friday 10th May, 10am – 2pm UK

Whilst we hope you’ll join us live, there will also be a recording shared afterwards if the time doesn’t work for you! So, even if you can’t be there live, sign up anyway – and you’ll receive the replay direct to your inbox.


It doesn’t matter how good a coach/healer/therapist/teacher/
trainer/guide you are – if you want to grow your business, you need to draw the right kind of attention to your work.


By telling the story that has you stand out as a Beacon that attracts your just-right clients. 

Since humans could talk we have sat around the roaring fire and told stories. It’s how we connect. When someone shares themselves with you, you feel you know them. You trust them. 

There is no faster way to achieve the marketing trifecta of Know, Like and Trust than by telling a good story.

This masterclass will show you how. 


Sharon Wright - Stand out with Story feedback
Rebecca Shannon - Stand out with Story feedback
Laura Coleman - Stand out with Story feedback

What they’re saying…

I received amazing feedback the last time I ran this session, including lightbulb moments, renewed inspiration and deep realisations. You can read a few of them here.

Meet your StoryGuide:

Kate Wolf went from professional Clown to Six Figure CEO but has never forgotten the power of play to engage an audience.

Kate supports ambitious entrepreneurs to turn their unique experience and expertise into a flow of content, clients and cash.

As a coach, copywriter and consultant and after nine years ‘in the field’ working with thousands of business-owners, she knows how to turn bland or confusing messaging into brands that beam with personality – fast.

She will help you create content that is clear, purposeful and concise, articulating the message and offering that will attract your just-right clients to your business door. So that you get to both fill up your bank account and feel truly fulfilled.

Kate has guided clients to:

● go from making their first ever sale to achieving their first 10k month
● craft TED Talks that have had more than 12k views
● step powerfully into the leadership roles they were born to play.

Stand out with Story is designed to leave you knowing exactly how to find, craft and share your story so you can attract clients ready to buy from you.

It’s happening on:  Friday 10th May, 10am – 2pm UK. By signing up you also get access to the recording.

Remember, who you are is enough. 

Your story is a Beacon

for those who need what you have to offer. 

Sharing your Story is a gift. 

I had been considering hiring a copywriter to write my About page but then thought how much more powerful it would be to be able to write it myself. Also, knowing my tendency to default to academic language, I wanted to be able to use more story in my communications. But I felt my story was not dramatic enough. My main type of communication was tip sharing, which is fine, but I found that though people appreciate tips, they don’t really help people to connect with me – or me with them…

Well, I shared my story on facebook and with my contacts and got a huge and wonderful response. Possible collaborators and clients popped up. On facebook it was probably my widest reaching post ever…

Now, because it feels true and in alignment I feel great about sharing my story.

Oona Alexander

Kate has an uncanny ability to pinpoint the very core of any message, navigating her way through heaps of content and context to hit on the absolute gold – the one line message which makes sense of it all.

Felicity Wingrove

I worked with Kate on my story bio and immediately had someone reach out with ‘I need to work with you!’

Maggie Cunningham