Let’s Light a Path to your Business Door…

You KNOW you have brilliance inside of you. You KNOW when you have a client in front of you, you can work magic. You deeply trust yourself and your ability in those intimate moments. 

But HOW OH HOW do you get that out in the world? Communicate that clearly? And succinctly? Without losing your depth? 

Not knowing how to do this means that you don’t get enough clients coming through your business doors, or possibly worse – you don’t get the RIGHT clients. Which means you don’t get to do as much of your magical work as you want. 

How do you communicate the value of your magic so that the right people hear it, get it, and want it? 

That’s what good storytelling does for you. 

When You Know Your Story You Attract Just-Right Clients

You know you’re different. You don’t fit the mold (and never have!) but you’re not quite sure how to articulate that difference. 

The challenge is when you’re not clear on who you are, you can’t be clear about who you’re for. As a result you’re attracting clients who aren’t quite a fit for you. This results in undercharging and over delivering – (and less than stellar results) and everything is so much harder than it needs to be. 

With the right clients in place, you get to share a pipette-drop of your magic and boom – your clients transform. That’s when work gets really easeful. And deeply satisfying. 

If you’re attracting wrong-for-you-clients it’s because you don’t know exactly what makes you unique
– and how to talk about it. 

When you discover and tell your story, you get to stand out, integrity and magic intact, to the just-right-for-you clients.


When You Know Your Story You Know What Makes You Unique In The MarketPlace

How many times have you been told that you need to niche? It’s maddening, right?! You’re multi-talented and multi-passionate – how are you supposed to choose?? You have way more than just one little area that you could work in! You do so much and could help so many people. Niching is a struggle. (Let alone the fact that you really don’t want to!) 

Good news! 

Look, the good news is that you don’t need to choose. 

What you do need to do is know and own your unique place in the market. Your ‘niche’ isn’t something outside of you. It’s inside of you – in your past, your unique ways of doing things – and your story. It’s what makes you unique. 

You just need to be able to identify it and communicate it that so that you attract the kind of clients who are hungry for what you offer, in the way you offer it. 

Enter stage-left: your story.  


You just need to have it coached out of you.

When You Know Your Story You Discover Clarity on Your Path Forward…

So many of us struggle to make sense of our lives – my clients love asking the big existential questions like ‘Who Am I and What Am I Here For??!’ 

I imagine this might feel familiar…

But too often we are looking in the wrong places for the answers to these questions. Looking to our trainings and qualifications and certificates to determine ‘who we are’ instead of looking to the entirety of our Life Experiences (AKA Stories!) 


When you look behind you and make sense of where you’ve been, the path ahead appears much more clearly in front of you. Clarity of direction leads to ease of decision-making and suddenly life gets a lot more easeful – AND exciting! That’s when you find yourself at the right place, at the right time, meeting the right people.

“Before joining I was questioning – will this really make a difference to my business?

To anyone considering it, I would say: This course is gold – don’t miss it. It’s made all the difference to my ability to express myself and connect with my audience. Following the course, I shared my story with my contacts and have never had such a response in my life before. What I thought was not much of a tale was, after going through the alchemy of Kate’s course, actually dynamite. And it felt so true and real too. My story really is me to the core. To feel my audience loving my story, when it’s so deep, intimate and personal, is life-changing – and proving to be a powerful boost for my business, too.

There are now specific things I can do to choose words that evoke, move and speak to the heart. At the same time I have come to a much deeper understanding of what “my story” is. This is not only useful for my business but a powerful step forward in knowing truly who I am.”

Oona Alexander

Your Story is a Beacon. Following it leads you to your path. Sharing it leads just-right clients to your business-door. Honouring it reveals your uniqueness, and your true-to-you niche.

Ready for clarity on your path forward? 

Ready to discover your true-to-you-niche and unique place in the market? 

Ready to attract just-right-for-you clients, happy to pay you? 



During StoryMagic you will:

Discover the specific story that will attract the clients that are ready and wanting the next evolution of your work.

✨ Know how to spice up marketing copy with story and emotion so that your business writing beams with personality and #StopsTheScroll!

 ✨ Understand how to land a point with story to become an even better and more memorable teacher or trainer so people WANT to tune in and learn from you.

 ✨ Hone your vision and beckon your just-right clients by inviting them into the world that your work is creating – start creating the change you dream of with your words.

Discover the credibility boosting power of story – armed with your ‘why me’ story you can get an audience to pay attention to what you’re saying – without feeling like you have to list out your credentials.

Own your story so that inside you know exactly why you are the person to be doing this work in the world, you’ll experience the feeling of fraud-proofing or imposter-proofing that level of clarity brings.

✨ Experience the feeling of the steps behind you finally making sense and as a result being able to see the path ahead more clearly, giving you direction for your purpose-led work.

 ✨ And, find the courage you need to speak up and share your voice and your story on a bigger platform so you can grow your reach, your audience – and your impact.

    Meet your StoryGuide:

    Kate Wolf went from professional Clown to Six Figure CEO. She’s the founder of Spirited Business and creatrix of the acclaimed StorySchool and Mesmerise. Kate supports service-based business owners to build businesses that balance their unique magic with tried-and-tested mechanics, resulting in easeful and joyful growth. As a catalyst for creative self-expression, Kate helps entrepreneurs to stop bowing at the altar of What Other People Think and dare to share their own unique voice. It is from this place that they find the work they really came here to do, and the words that sell it. Her lovingly crafted body of work supports business owners to become wildly successful, in ways that allow them to burn bright, not out.

    Through Spirited Business and her two signature programmes, Kate weaves together her gifts of deep intuition, storytelling magic, and the practical ability to bring an idea through into a communicable form – all whilst ensuring the process feels joyful and fun. 

    Kate has spent 7 years ‘in the field’ working with hundreds of brilliant business-owners, helping them to trust their ability to communicate, and turning bland or confusing messaging into brands that beam with personality. Kate will help you speak from the heart, with clarity, purpose and concision, articulating the message and offering that will attract your just-right clients to your business door.

    Here’s what you’re going to walk away with…

    Once You Have Your Story You’ll Use it EVERYWHERE to Attract your Just-Right Clients 

    You’ll know what to say, how to say it, and where to say it (and what NOT to say!) 

    You + your story = unstoppable (and on the RIGHT path)

    “This course is truly transformational. It was SO much more than just telling my story, it helped me get clarity and work out exactly what my mission is and why!”

    Mary Waring

    You are going to use your story in your entire business growth cycle which includes

    1. GROWING YOUR AUDIENCE: use your story to develop joint venture relationships, be memorable at networking, get speaking gigs and attract followers online.


    2. NURTURING YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: use your storytelling skills to let your audience into your life so they get to know, like and trust you – the marketing trifecta for effectively moving people from interested to getting out their credit cards.
    3. ENROLLING: during your conversion events you’ll know how to use story in an effective, meaningful way to increase conversion rates.
    4. DELIVERY AND RE-ENROLLMENT: with your storytelling skills under your belt your retention and re-enrollment rates will rise, and with them your recurring revenue.

    “Kate has an uncanny ability to pinpoint the very core of any message, navigating her way through heaps of content and context to hit on the absolute gold – the one line message which makes sense of it all.”

    Felicity Wingrove

    What’s in place to support you to stand out to the right clients…

    Two weeks of live coaching and training sessions with Six-Figure Business Coach and Storyteller, Kate Wolf 


    ✨ How to find your Why Story, your Why YOU Story and your Why Now Stories so you tick off the necessary stories for growing your business 

     ✨ In-depth training on how to write a brilliant About me page so you can stand out to the right clients

     ✨ Co-creation of your brilliant bio so that when you are introduced in interviews and on stage the audience is already excited to hear from you before you open your mouth. 

      Look. Unless you’ve been hiding under a bushel you’ll know that storytelling has become a business buzzword. But Storytelling is an art, and where it meets Business it comes a Science. If we want to master storytelling for business, we need the magic AND the mechanics. 

      All too often, people fall into the ‘blah blah blah’ trap of over-explaining, trying to convince, and listing out their credentials – boring, right? 

      But go too far the other way and you get the projectile vomit of unprocessed trauma on facebook; not a good look if you want to be seen, valued and paid as an expert. 

      When you know how to avoid the ‘blah blah blah’ and the ‘bleurgh’ versions of storytelling, you can use your brilliant storytelling skills to stand out as a beacon for your just-right clients.

      Here’s the essentialised version of it for you: 

      Better Storytelling = Better Marketing = Better and More Clients = More Money and More Fulfilling Client Results = Better Stories to Tell = Better Marketing = Better and More Clients = More Money and More Fulfilling Client Results and round we go again!