The BEST way to move someone from ‘who are you?’ to knowing who you are, liking you, trusting you and wanting to work with you, FAST, is with skillful storytelling. 

When you have great content and stories you…

  • Automatically attract quality clients who want to work with you because they feel a personal bond with you through your content.
  • Benefit from a shorter sales cycle because your content primes them to work with you.
  • No more forcing yourself to work with people you know aren’t a fit (and you’ll regret taking on later). 
  • Get to only say yes to clients who light you up! 

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Kate Wolf went from professional clown to six-figure CEO but has never forgotten the power of play to move an audience – emotionally, and into action ie. working with you!

Known for turning bland and boring copy into brands that beam with personality, working with Kate will get you noticed and known as a name to watch.