Yay! I’m so glad you’re joining me for this special challenge.


Firstly, make sure you add the date to your diary:

Day 1

More You 

Tuesday 27th February – 12pm – 1pm UK

Day 2

More Money

Wednesday 28th February – 12pm – 1pm UK

Day 3

More Magic

Thursday 29th February – 12pm – 1pm UK

And you have a very special bonus session on Wednesday 28th at 7pm UK – a live copy clinic with me.

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Meet Your Guide:

Kate Wolf went from professional Clown to Six Figure CEO but has never forgotten the power of play to engage an audience.

Kate supports ambitious entrepreneurs to turn their unique experience and expertise into a flow of content, clients and cash.

As a coach, copywriter and consultant and after nine years ‘in the field’ working with thousands of business-owners, she knows how to turn bland or confusing messaging into brands that beam with personality – fast.

She will help you create content that is clear, purposeful and concise, articulating the message and offering that will attract your just-right clients to your business door. So that you get to both fill up your bank account and feel truly fulfilled.

Kate has guided clients to:

● go from making their first ever sale to achieving their first 10k month
● craft TED Talks that have had more than 12k views
● step powerfully into the leadership roles they were born to play.

    Collaboration between head and heart

    ‘Work with Kate offers you an intuitive, deep and blissful space to explore your inner workings, making the collaboration between head and heart a partnership rather than an argument.’

    Claire Whatley

    My events seem to fill up effortlessly

    ‘Kate introduced me to a whole new way of speaking about what I do that is so much more authentic – and much more powerful too. Because it’s so much more “me” it flows so wonderfully and the brilliant thing is that this new way of speaking up is much more compelling for my audience too. I am getting many more heartfelt and positive responses on Facebook and in person, and my events seem to fill up effortlessly. Kate is a true treasure and the journey she takes you on is priceless.’

    Oona Alexander

    Guiding you to your next stage of development

     Kate is a gifted guide and mentor who holds clear and consistent boundaries whilst intuitively guiding each participant towards their next stage of development. Thank you from my soul! 

    Emily Phillips