Welcome to Women on Fire!


Hello and thank you for signing up. I am so pleased you’re here.

I’ve created this series to help you re-kindle your fire and discover how you can live a life of passion and purpose, without burning out or sacrificing too much of yourself along the way. These conversations will be real, deep and intimate. My intention is that you leave our time together feeling inspired to listen to your inner knowing and to follow your calling, however it appears to you. To know that you don’t have to do it alone. And to know that women just like you, with fears and doubts of their own, have gone brightly before you.

Conversations will take place at 8pm Mondays, 11am Tuesdays, and 2pm Thursdays, throughout November. Don’t forget to check your inbox for all the details and the link to join us live for each conversation.

I’d also like to invite you to come and join the wider conversation over in my Facebook Group, Unapologetically You. As the series unfolds, this is where the real magic will be taking place! Come and share your thoughts, learnings, soul-whispers, inspiration, wisdom, lightbulb moments and whatever else touches you during the series…it’s your place to shine and be lit up! 

See you soon!