What it Took

Stories of Wild Success from entrepreneurs who care

Wednesday 30th November
8am – 8pm UK


What it Took

Stories of Wild Success from entrepreneurs who care

Wednesday 30th November
8am – 8pm UK




Opening Ceremony with Jax Bull

Interview with Sophie Jane Hardy

Interview with Jax Bull

*Interview with Catherine Watkin

*Wild Voice Writing Class with Maggie Rose

*’Your business in Numbers’ talk with Jo Soley

*Interview with Karen Skidmore

*Interview with Helen Reynolds

*Wild Voice Writing Class with Morag Young

*Deep Rest session with Tanya Forgan

*Interview with Mel Larsen

Interview with Annie Stoker

*Closing Ceremony

Here's how you join LIVE!

Each session with a * on the above schedule can be joined live on Zoom using the button below. Be sure to have your notebook ready. The Zoom link is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4840597810
Meeting ID: 4840597810


All of the recordings from the day will be posted below as soon as they become available. You can also find more information on each speaker and how to access their free gifts and win their PRIZES!

Opening Ceremony


Jax Bull holds a space to begin the day with intention.

We invite you to join in with your own ceremonial ritual – simply gather a few objects beforehand:

A glass of water, a stone from near your home, a candle, some matches and note of any currency or denomination.

To watch the video in full screen simply click on the symbol on the top left corner.

Sophie is gifting everyone redschool.net/love – a three-part video course about how menstrual cycle awareness can revolutionise your health, creativity and leadership, from Red School’s co-founders Alexandra & Sjanie.

AND, one lucky winner gets a One-to-One strategy session with Sophie where she’ll help to show you how your cycle (or the lunar cycle) can support you in your business journey.

To be in with a chance to win, simply comment with your greatest takeaway in our Facebook group or on your social media platform of choice (and tag me).


Interview with Sophie Jane Hardy


About Sophie

Sophie Jane Hardy is the founder of Your Cyclical Business, a new programme and community of practice designed to help you channel the wisdom of your menstrual cycle (or the lunar cycle) to create and grow a thriving business. 

Over the past decade Sophie’s has built successful business and marketing plans for individuals and organisations, such as the TreeSisters ‘Million Trees’ campaign and Red School‘s global Menstruality Movement. Her passion is helping purpose-led coaches, teachers, healers and creatives to channel nature’s cyclical wisdom to grow their income and impact, in a sustainable way.

To watch the video in full screen simply click on the symbol on the top left corner.

Jax is gifting one lucky person a one to one breathwork session

To be in with a chance of winning, simply comment with your greatest takeaway in our Facebook group or on your social media platform of choice.

She’s also holding a special group online breathwork class for EVERYONE who buys the Birthday Bundle.


Interview with Jax Bull


About Jax

Jacqui has always thought that she was a Jack of all trades master of none, until her recent ADHD diagnosis which has helped her realise that her ‘need’ to do 5 different things at the same time   – Counsellor, Coach, Breath worker, Interfaith Minister and Chakra Dance Facilitator is actually her gift and because she is passionate about all of them and the difference and transformation they create in her clients lives, she is literally is a Jack of all trades and master of all she loves!

Jacqui is Founder of The Serenity Practice a not for profit which was born out of her own need to find serenity wen her teenage daughter ended up in a crisis with her mental health that led to a stay in psychiatric hospital 4 years ago. Her focus is guide people whilst they remember they have everything they need inside themselves to live a life filled with ease and peace even when everything around them seems to say otherwise!

Catherine is gifting everyone:

The 7 Steps to Yes! – free video training

Watch these bite-size videos and learn step-by-step how to effectively guide your potential client through a conversation that ends with them saying “Yes please!” to working with you – in a way that feels totally authentic and comfortable for both you and the client (videos are just 3 minutes long and will have a bit impact on your ability to comfortably enrol clients!)

Interview with Catherine Watkin



About Catherine

Catherine Watkin is the UK’s leading expert in heart-centred sales.

After a highly successful 20+ year career in sales Catherine works with business owners who are gifted and passionate about what they do but struggle in business because they feel awkward about using traditional sales.  She teaches them how to sell in a way that feels authentic and comfortable – and most importantly gets them great results so they can grow a great business while still feeling true to their values. 

Catherine is an authentic and inspiring role model for how it is possible to create a successful business without resorting to sleazy or manipulative sales and marketing techniques.


This session won’t be streamed into Facebook so make sure you join live on Zoom. Have a notebook and pen ready.

Maggie is gifting everyone:

Discover your Magic session
Are you struggling to find the gifts in your sensitivity? Maggie currently has space in her diary for you to book a free 1-2-1 Discover your magic session with her. As an extra special gift the first 3 people to book will also receive tickets to her Winters Nights ceremonies: 3 magical online events weaving together story, meditation and the northern european ancestral mysteries of hearth, soul and edge-dwelling taking place on 9th, 16th and 23rd December.

Wild Voice Writing Class
with Maggie Rose Cunningham


About Maggie

Maggie Rose Cunningham is a highly sensitive leader with a 20-year career in higher education behind her. She has also written in and illustrated esoteric books, trained as a tarot reader and a reiki master and founded two holistic healing practices.

After experiencing burn-out for the second time she left a director-level position vowing to find the secret to serving purpose without sacrificing everything else. She now runs two successful training and coaching businesses helping ambitious & sensitive leaders and spirit-led entrepreneurs care for their souls and grow their careers.

One lucky winner can win A personal Year E-book.

Understand what the soil is fertile for right NOW in your life and business through this e-book. Gain a bird’s eye view of the year that you are currently in.

To win, join live and comment with your greatest takeaway in our Facebook group or on your social media platform of choice.

A freebie for everyone from Jo:

Find out your Life Path Number

Discover your life path number with an instant life path number calculator – discover what you’re really here to do in business.


Your Business in Numbers
with Jo Soley

12 PM

About Jo

Jo Soley, founder of Bizology, is a Business Coach and Business Numerologist with over 25 years’ experience in Business Development, Sales and Marketing.  She uses the powers of numerology to help her clients elevate their business success.

Numerology is a well-established ancient science, Numerology has been used by celebrities and CEO’s across the world as a way of harnessing the subtle energies that create our unique blueprint. 

Bizology grants access to higher-level business solutions. Understanding and connecting to her numeric energies has been pivotal to Jo’s and her client’s business success.  It has helped her to approach all that she does from a position of strength, and it has given her a fresh perspective on doing business in the 21stcentury.  

One lucky winner can win:

A place on Karen’s 5-week business accelerator programme – Leap (worth £495+VAT)

Starting in January 2023, this programme will give you the structure and thinking process to create a strategy and roadmap for a simpler, smarter, more profitable next 12 months. Read more here.

To win, join live and comment with your greatest takeaway in our Facebook group or on your social media platform of choice. 

Karen is offering everyone a Business Growth Scorecard

It’s an online quiz to give you an instant diagnosis of how well your business is being run, why you may be working too hard to get the results you are getting, and what you can do about it. 

Interview with Karen Skidmore

1 PM

About Karen

Business catalyst and growth mentor, Karen Skidmore creates bolder, better run and more rewarding businesses for ambitious consultants, trainers, speakers and coaches through her business strategy and implementation programme, Momentum. She has run her own coaching and training businesses for the past 18 years and, having recovered from burnout in her 40’s, she knows what it takes to be able to thrive in business. She’s also a Business Book Awards Finalist, authored two books and is an Ambassador for The Hunger Project charity. For more info and to take her latest Business Growth Scorecard, go to www.karenskidmore.com.

One very lucky winner can win:

A place on the supported online course ‘The Style Plan Plus’ starts end of February 2023  which includes a Remote Colour Analysis and 4 weekly group support calls (worth £495).

To win, join live and comment with your greatest takeaway in our Facebook group or on your social media platform of choice.  

Helen is offering everyone who buys the Birthday Bundle:

A How to Shine Online Style Class: A special live class on Tuesday the 13th of December, where she’ll share how you can dress authentically and for impact on video.

Everyone gets: An ‘Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist‘ available here.

Interview with Helen Reynolds

2 PM

About Helen

Helen works with female business owners to help them to see themselves in a new positive light. She helps her clients to create and enjoy their own unique personal style that looks fabulous, but more importantly makes them feel amazing and energised.

Helen knows that when you wear outfits that reflect your true self, you are more likely to live a bigger, braver life because you’ll feel totally unstoppable. Worrying about how you look becomes a thing of the past.

With a background in advertising sales within glossy magazines (imagine sharing a lift with the editor of Harpers Bazaar, SHE and Cosmopolitan all in one day…a recipe for self-doubt and outfit angst if ever there was one…), Helen retrained as an Image Consultant when she became a mum. This huge life change left her feeling like she’d lost her way with style and had become invisible. Learning about her true style brought about a life-changing confidence boost which she now elicits with her clients.

Helen doesn’t see clothes as pieces of cloth, they are the packaging that shows the world the amazing woman you are.



Mel Larsen

Morag Young

Jacqui Bull

Annie Stoker

Tanya Forgan

Jen LM