Are you ready to feel lit up on the inside?

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Hello! I'm Kate Wolf. 

I help soulful self-employed women who've always felt a bit different to STOP trying to fit in once and for all - so they can finally stand out! 

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, it all starts with unlocking your WILD VOICE.

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Are you ready to feel lit up on the inside?

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Join Kate Wolf as she interviews 12 powerful women on what it means to live a life on fire, follow your Purpose and play your part.

Hear about the pitfalls along the way and receive key teachings on how to navigate them.

We will delve deeply into the real life experience of living a life on Purpose – what does this really mean, and how can you find and follow your own Purpose.

Learn how you can play your part and let go of thinking you need to do it all by yourself!

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive coaching live from women who, just like you, want to leave the world a better and more loving place.

Meet the speakers…..

Sophie Jane Mortimer


 Monday 6th November, 8pm UK

Harriet Waley-Cohen

Making Women Fabulous

Tuesday 7th November, 11am UK

Jewels Wingfield  

ReWilding Love, Earthing Soul

Thursday 9th November, 2pm UK

Darla LeDoux

Aligned Entrepreneurs

Monday 13th November, 8pm UK

Jenny Kovacs

The Queen of Being Seen

Tuesday 14th November, 11am UK

Lara Waldman

Money Manifestation in Alignment with Your Purpose

Thursday 16th November, 2pm UK

Bethany Webster

Healing the Mother Wound

Monday 20th November, 8pm UK

Nicci Bonfanti

Trusted Sales Dynamics

Tuesday 21st November, 11am UK

Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Alexandra Pope

The Wild Power of Menstruation

Thursday 23rd November, 2pm UK

Toko-pa Turner


Monday 27th November, 8.30pm UK

Carly Hope

Sales & Sensuality

Tuesday 28th November, 11am UK

Lynn Hord

Everyday Joy

Thursday 30th November, 2pm UK

Meet your Host! 

Kate Wolf is a catalyst for creative self-expression and businesses that beam with personality. She works exclusively with change-makers, healers, seers, pioneers, sensitive and creative souls – people who are here to make a difference. She does this privately and in workshops and retreats, as well as in her lovingly created Beacons Sisterhood, wherebright lights gather to make sure they burn bright – not out. She brings years of experience as an intuitive energy healer, reiki master, yoga and meditation teacher and creativity expert to clear blocks to healthy self-expression and support clients to speak their truth. With a vast understanding of effective communication from work in the theatre and Creative Education – directing, writing, performing and teaching – Kate transforms bland messaging into stories that connect – from both the page and the stage. Kate has spoken and inspired on stages in the US and the UK, including Inspire’d London, the UK’s leading platform for inspirational and transformational talks, and Connect in New Orleans, where the world’s best transformational leaders gather.


If you know your work is about more than just making money – if it’s about starting a movement, lighting a way for a new world, taking a stand for something bigger than yourself – Kate Wolf will support you to own your magic, free your voice and shine your quirky light – so that those who need you, find you.

What you will receive from the Women on Fire conversations…

There’s nothing like hanging out with people who are up to big things to get the juices flowing. And you can do that without even leaving your house!

So if you’re feeling a bit stuck, you’ve lost sight of why you went self-employed in the first place, or the old ways of doing things don’t seem to be working anymore and you need a shot of inspiration, sign up now to:

  • Re-kindle the fire in your belly
  • Discover the power of knowing your ‘why’
  • Learn from women who’ve created movements from their values-based messages
  • Ignite your creativity and courage
  • Understand how they discovered their Purpose and how they translated it into a successful business or venture


And hear from them first hand about their relationship with their fire, the times their passion has frightened them, the times they’ve burnt out… and how they now tend the fire.


Are you ready?! Then come and join us! 

Are you ready to feel lit up on the inside?

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