3 Day Retreat
2018 dates to be announced!

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‘At 40-something, the retreat with you was the first time I’ve shared any of my story. I had this thing about navel gazing. i thought it was a waste of time. But listening to the others sharing their stories was a lightbulb moment for me. It made me realise how powerful our stories are and how much sharing them can help others. And, how NOT sharing them is actually selfish. Since the retreat things have unfolded quite magically – I’ve just submitted my book proposal to Hay House!

~ Helen Rebello

So often we hold back from saying what we really think.

Filter ourselves to be more acceptable or fit in.

But what if your sharing, freed others?

What if your stories, healed?

What if you could create transformation before even starting work with someone?

What if your marketing was a gift?

When I started receiving messages like this, just from people who were hanging out in my free group on facebook, I knew I was onto something:

‘OMG… what did you DOOOOOO to me?? I’ve now started sharing stuff I wouldn’t have done before, because you somehow helped break something in me that was stopping me before! It’s like somehow I find myself feeling… “Oh stuff it… this is my truth and I want to share it!!”‘

~ Madeleine

I have conversations every day with people who know they have more to share but they’re concerned about losing their old niche or alienating people. As a result, they’re stuck. Their old business doesn’t fit anymore – it feels like that wool jumper you accidentally put on a full wash – but they don’t quite know how to wriggle free from it.

They’re stuck in a rut, doing tactics that don’t even work anymore and repeating their old message that feels dry in their mouth.

Sound familiar?

When we work together, things start shifting pretty quickly.

‘Dear Kate, I’m following this impulse I just had of sharing something with you. I’ve just become aware of new thoughts that I’ve never had before. Empowering thoughts of sharing my gifts with the world. And I acted on them! I saw an opportunity and even though I didn’t offer exactly what they wanted, I emailed them anyway. They phoned me right back! And now I’m teaching a 2hour class on Ayurvedic Nutrition. Happy Saturday!’

~ Cecilia Pepper

What if finding the courage to express your true self and your bigger message was the only thing in the way of you reaching unbound levels of joy and taking your business to new and fulfilling levels of impact and success?

If you know it’s time

  • To finally own your brilliance
  • Admit what you’re capable of
  • And what you really want
  • For yourself
  • And the world

If you still struggle with explaining what you do and how valuable it is

And you know it’s really time

To stop holding back and playing small, for fear of what others might think
Scared that someone might call you arrogant, or too big for your boots, or the worst – full of yourself – umm… what are we supposed to be full of? Other people’s opinions?

The thing is, most of us ARE full of other people’s opinions
And it can be confusing, overwhelming and totally paralysing

At Message Magic you’ll get anchored back into your truth so you can be wonderfully, unashamedly, full of yourself.

‘My experience with Kate at the retreat sits warmly in my memory and heart. There, I came alive in a way I had not experienced before. Over three days I dropped deeply into a vulnerable power I had only glimpsed before in moments of solitude and intimacy with hearts who have known me well. Kate’s attention to detail, from the choice of beautiful and comfortable venue with its nourishing cuisine and peaceful atmosphere, to her gentle but pokey flow of activities made way for some truly delicious layer shedding. With all the courage I could muster I faced my heart, dreams, and beliefs I have been holding on to that have not served. I got to play, dance, sing and shine in a way I had never experienced before. All held, witnessed and positively encouraged by Kate and the group. Her playfulness, wisdom and grounded confidence in her, and my, process and gifts gave me permission to share myself in a way that felt alchemical! I felt and saw my magnetic presence in action, and witnessed the unfurling of the others in the group. Such abundance and radiance! On my way home, navigating through London’s busy streets and stations I felt my feet firmly on the ground, and a strength in my heart replacing the painful sensitivity often experienced in such hectic environments. I had unearthed a connection to a sassy conviction that would not be ground down. Kate’s offering of post retreat support was gratefully received and the hour we spent together connected in quickly to an energy blockage that I have felt for some time. She guided me by shining light onto this and helping me find clarity. I am curious, bubbling with nervous excitement about where the next steps will lead. All from just being allowed to be myself. Thank you, Kate. Words cannot express the gratitude, love and respect I have for who you are and what you stand for in this world. You demand things from people, from me, that can feel uncomfortable… and it’s so good!’

~ Kathryn E M John

Your Message is Magic

Over 3 days, you will:

  • Uncover and own your gifts and talents so you can know you are enough, and stop looking for the next qualification to prove it to yourself
  • Craft your marketing message that effectively communicates what you do, and why you were born to do it – directly to the heart and mind of your ideal client. (by the way, they’re the ones waiting for you to step up and claim that space, and currently they’re missing out…)
  • Create YOUR strategy to bring in your ideal client – not someone else’s 7-step formula, not the latest social media fad. We’ll create an easeful, effective – and oh my maybe even FUN – strategy for you
  • PLUS let go of old ways of being that are getting in the way of work being easeful and fun

You CAN do what you want to do

It IS safe to express your true self

In fact, it’s exactly what the world needs


Can you imagine if the flowers did not bloom for fear of what others might think? Or the stars were too self-conscious to sparkle?

What would the world miss out on?

What then, is the world missing out on… from you?

Lets get you OWNING AND VALUING your gifts and talents

Sharing them confidently with clients you love (who want you to show up as YOU – no mask of perfection required)

I want to know when you announce dates:

Message Magic will save you years of searching for the answers that you already have inside you, if you only knew the right questions to ask.


  • A supportive group of women to be yourself with.
  • A relaxed yet productive time-table to ensure you are so well-looked after that the work feels like play.
  • Opportunity to work on your business in a way you may never have allowed yourself to do before.

This retreat is an immersion into who you really are and why you’re here, so you can walk through the world with the grounding and magnetic quality of knowing ‘this is who I am, this is what I stand for’. I’ve care-fully crafted experiences, exercises, and enquiries to help this become abundantly clear. You will know how to introduce yourself, how to speak about what you do so people ‘get it’… and more importantly, how to give it. AND, in true Kate fashion, you will be supported by juicy self-care along the way with high-vibration foods, yoga, meditation, ritual, celebration, nature walks, and so much more!

(I always have a few surprises tucked up my sleeve when I lead retreats so you can expect a few delicious experiences)

With special guest, Christina Caeliss. Christina will be leading us in a very special session to visit past lives and find the talent that we have always, always had Christina is my go-to healer, she’s freed me in so many ways, and I can’t wait to share her very real magic with you.

There are a lot of messages around at the moment about doing more and having more.

At Message Magic, these are the kinds of ‘mores’ you’ll get:

More Fun. More Creativity. Inspiration. Story-telling. Laughter. More Connection. More Relaxation. Trust. Simplicity. Ease. Flow. Joy. Truth. Self-Expression. Freedom. Adventure. Courage. More Beauty and Warmth.

Sound good?

If you want to find your authentic voice and marketing message, own your unique brilliance, and let go of whatever is in the way of you sharing that brilliance, unapologetically, with the world… join me here…
I want to be the first to know!

Whether you’re just emerging, re-branding or ready to take things to the next level, I’ll
help you own your magic, craft your message and become the Goldilocks of your industry – ‘just right’, for the ‘just right’ clients.

Not only this, but I’ll save you hours of chasing down new techniques and software, learning about the latest platform and getting overwhelmed by all the noise out there.

Because when you are radiantly clear on your message, that’s when your facebook ads will soar.

And when you know exactly who you’re talking to (from the inside-out) you’ll automatically create captivating content that will support your groups and lists to blossom.

And when you know – deep in your very bones – the value that you provide and the transformation that you create, simply by being you, that’s when you become the most magnetic sales maven.

Because there might be a hundred or a thousand people who do what you do. But you are one in 6 billion.


‘At 40-something, the retreat with you was the first time I’ve shared any of my story. I had this thing about navel gazing. i thought it was a waste of time. But listening to the others sharing their stories was a lightbulb moment for me. It made me realise how powerful our stories are and how much sharing them can help others. And, how NOT sharing them is actually selfish. Since the retreat things have unfolded quite magically – I’ve just submitted my book proposal to Hay House! And last week I spoke on stage for the second time and had amazing feedback from the audience. I just trusted that I knew what to say. The other thing that’s changed is that I realised I wasn’t meeting my ideal clients where they actually are. Now I know what my core message is, I don’t actually need to say it! Kate helped me find specific real-life examples to communicate to people exactly what they’ll get from working with me – things I had just not recognised as being valuable. I tend to see the inner shifts but that can seem esoteric and hard for people to get the benefits of. Knowing what to share so the people I want to work with really get it, is invaluable.

P.S. After our last session I immediately contacted a new biz connection to ask her about hiring her much more salubrious space with a view to offering VIP days as part of my portfolio of services. For some reason, that was not an idea on my radar…but having sat with it, I rather like it! Thank you, thank you, thank you Kate, for your time, love and friendship.

~ Helen Rebello

‘I needed a space to experiment with what I could be.

I’m quite shy and timid in a new environment and Kate created such a wonderful space so I was able to truly express myself – whatever I needed I was able to do which helped release blockages that had been encouraging my depression to fester.

At the retreat I unearthed a very magical and playful core of me, and my knowing that Life is too beautiful not to see it that way – that became my mantra and every time I felt anything negative kick in I would repeat it to myself.

The best outcome is a complete knowing of myself and giving up giving a crap! I’ve let go of so much. I had a completely different summer with the kids and a different mind-set come September. Now when stuff comes up I am not veering off my Purpose – I know what I’m doing and why.

It’s complete truth and it makes it all possible!

It is possible to be playful, fun, adventurous AND professional. You walk your talk, Kate, in such a relaxed way.

Being in the Sisterhood has encouraged the magic to continue, I wouldn’t be without them’

~ Samantha Geddes


Who is this for?


You value freedom…

…adventure and self-expression but there’s something you’re still hiding and you don’t even know what it is.

Business tactics…

… that once worked aren’t working anymore- and you know you haven’t found your ideal client yet – the one you feel super-excited to see book into your calendar.

You’re taking advice…

…from well-meaning people who you know in your heart don’t get you.

You’re a little too hung-up…

…on how many likes your Facebook posts are getting.

You have a sense…

…that maybe you’re doing something that’s blocking people reaching you.

You’re starting…

…to feel resentful of everything you’re doing for everyone else

Maybe you’re afraid…

.…to take the risks you know you need to, to get to the next level of visibility and abundance.

You’ve outgrown…

…what you’re currently doing – the future is nudging you and exciting you more than the present.

Ultimately, this is for you if you are ready to take a stand for who you really are, to speak your truth and to share your gifts with the world – and be rewarded generously for doing so

Who is this not for?

If you want easy, slick, get rich quick, then this is not for you. Message magic is about true transformation and growth – it’s the journey you need to take to know your value, own your magic, and communicate the benefits of your work. That deep-diving and ultimate clarity and confidence is what leads to sustainable and fulfilling success. Not marketing tricks.

3 day retreat


All your questions answered.

Will this work for me?

If you’re willing to come with an open mind and heart.. And you’re self-motivated enough to implement what you learn at the retreat – yes.

Do I have to attend a retreat to get access to this work?

In terms of transformation, there’s nothing quite like a retreat. Real change needs a pattern-interupt – it needs to literally experience yourself being different. Only then can you believe that that’s possible for you. And real healing – happens in community. It happens when we are really seen, for who we really are.

How much 1-1 support will I get?

If you book by Wednesday 12th April you’ll get the bonus of a 1:1 call with me. I’ve deliberately kept the group small and intimate with a maximum of 8 participants, and I have a wonderful support person there to look after everything practical, which means I’ll be able to be there just for you.

What if I don't know who my ideal client is?

That’s OK. They’re often changing, evolving, become more or less niched. We’ll take a unique look at how to discover your ideal client which is less about demographics and more about their inner world and the essence of them.
There will be some prep work before the retreat to support you with this. And know this – as you hone your work and get to deeper levels of clarity, your ideal client becomes clearer too – until you can literally spot them in a crowded room. We’ll work with where you’re at.

I'm too Busy!

That’s not a question it’s an excuse! And – I know you know this already – that’s why you need to come. When we’re busy-busy-busy, we’re rushing ahead and missing out on all sorts of messages and opportunities that would really help us out. Doing great work – which I know you do – requires great support. Are you getting the kind of support you need, to be the woman you want to be? Or are you trying to do it all, figure it all out by yourself and ending up exhausted, overwhelmed and frankly, pissed off? My advice? Give yourself these 3 days. The world will keep spinning, I promise.

What if the investment is a stretch?

Talk to me – we may be able to find something that works for you.

Everyone has a story. What’s yours?