Client Love

Stories of easful and joyful business growth from working with Kate Wolf

I’ve come away with a whole new methodology

“I’ve just had an amazing VIP day. I can’t believe it but I’ve come away with a whole new methodology – I’ve got a model, I’ve got a talk and I’ve actually got a book that I can now start thinking about writing. I am beyond delighted.

It’s been intense and incredible. Thank you Kate.”

Nina Khoo

Leadership coaching for Highly Sensitive Women

Collaboration between head and heart

“Work with Kate offers you an intuitive, deep and blissful space to explore your inner workings, making the collaboration between head and heart a partnership rather than an argument.

Claire Whatley

Life, body wisdom & intuition coach

Connecting on a very deep level to what I’m here to do

“It’s been a journey of reconnection. I’ve reconnected both with my heart and myself in a much, much deeper way than it’s been for a while and I’m really connecting on a very deep level to what I’m here to do.

Carol Alexander

Human Design Coach

You save so much time working with Kate

“She’s fiercely intelligent and creative. She can coach in a way that’s quite rare – getting you to understand yourself with this ability to go straight through all the chitter-chatter to the heart of the problem and pluck it out.


Within seconds she’s able to create words that describe exactly what you’re trying to say and help you nail down your key messages. It’s a very unique combination of a fantastic coach, someone who walks the walk and someone who is actually able to help you in the moment with practical, implementable tools – you save so much time working with Kate.”

Linda Stephens

Womens Wellbeing Warrioress

Takes half the time of working with other coaches

Kate has the most amazing laser focus; working with her one-on-one takes half the time of working with other coaches. Using her powerful intuition and deep experience she quickly zeros in on exactly what I need at the moment – whether that is help writing aligned copy, developing a new offering or healing a young, still hurting part of me that is trying to keep me playing small. I am so grateful!

If you’re feeling called to work with Kate, I’d say don’t hesitate. On your own you may be able to transcend whatever you’re struggling with…. eventually, down the road. But how much more good can you do in the world if you hone in and heal with Kate’s powerful help right friggin’ now?”

Lisa Dunford Dickman

Transformational coach, traveler, writer and African safari retreat leader

Guiding you towards your next stage of development

“Kate is a gifted guide and mentor who holds clear and consistent boundaries whilst intuitively guiding each participant towards their next stage of development. Thank you from my soul!”

Emily Phillips

Vocal Empowerment coach

It was a bit like bending time

I was looking for a bit of help on one or two pages, but I’ve got help on the whole website – and actually tying everything together to be clear about exactly what I’m offering. I knew it all fitted together but I couldn’t work out how to explain it.

It was a bit like bending time – I think it is unbelievable how much we’ve got through.

Mary Waring

Wealth for Women, financial coach