I’m Kate Wolf

and I’m a Soul Work Guide.

I help brilliantly sensitive women to stop bowing at the altar of What Other People Think and start sharing the gifts that come with being Sensitive – Intuition, Empathy, Deep Care, Insight & Healing – so they can build a profitable business from the core of who they really are.

For nearly two decades I’ve immersed myself in the worlds of spirituality, creativity, personal development and business growth. I am a qualified Women’s Coach, a Women’s Leadership Trainer, a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, a Therapeutic Play Practitioner and an Intuitive Energy Healer and a Writer and I combine all of these in my work.

I write about the cultural obsession with What Other People Think because I want to be free to create a life and business in alignment with my own inner values. And that’s also one of the goals of the highly sensitive, deeply caring, wise and loving rebels I work with.

My clients are reclaiming the power in their sensitivity, daring to share their stories, knowing that’s how we change the cultural story around power, sensitivity, value and worth. And, luckily for us, it’s also how we build businesses that beam with personality and beckon our soul clients – meaning that, yes, you CAN make money by being yourself.

To read my story, read on…

I walked across the playground, holding back my tears. I knew they were watching. I remember thinking, ‘if they can’t see how much I’m hurting, it isn’t real’.

I got very good at being ‘fine’.

‘I’m just not an angry person’, I used to say, and I believed myself.

My mum turned up at school one day to find the other girls running and laughing, and me with the blotchy face I still get when I cry.

‘The only reason anyone will ever hate you is because they’re jealous’, I can still hear my dad saying.

Well-meaning and said with love, but to that little girl, what that meant was:

Make sure you don’t shine too bright, and you’ll avoid this pain.

My Soul, though, had other plans. It’s not up for fitting in and getting by. It’s certainly not up for mundane monotony and perfect on the outside. It wants to feel all the feelings. It wants adventure. Growth. Deep and meaningful connections. Raucous laughter. It wants lots of space. It wants to dance with wild-abandon. It wants Ocean-swimming, feet-in-warm-sand, fire-gazing, giggling joy.

My Soul came here to shine bright.

There was a lot of unlearning to be done.

‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom’
~ Anais Nin

I trained as a yoga teacher, I went travelling, learnt reiki, colour, chakra and crystal healing. I was silent for 10 days on Vipassana (twice) and found enough inner-space to start to notice my thoughts, to start to choose. I learnt to hear my wise inner voice over the racket of all the other voices. I journeyed with Jewels Wingfield on a yearlong exploration of the Sacred Feminine and learnt in-depth about feminine leadership and holding space while assisting her on the same journey a few years later.

I have women in my life now with whom I can cry and shout and they love me even more each time. Becoming Real is the greatest gift I’ve given myself. I let go of trying to fix anything, trying to be ‘better’… and started focusing on just being me.

It feels really good.

It took a lot of unlearning, unravelling, saying things before I knew if I believed them to see how they tasted – and the joy, the pleasure, the power – real, inner power – on the other side – or in-side – is so immense, I can’t not share about it.

Because what I’ve come to know is that when we bury our anger, we bury our ecstasy and power. And when we hold back our sadness, we hold back our joy.

I started to share all of who I really am with close friends, private clients and in my intimate group, The Beacons Sisterhood. I stopped compartmentalising myself and brought my fun, quirky, colourful, highly intuitive, visionary, wildly creative, intelligent and joyful self into my business.

Turns out, trying to fit in is not only the way to a slow soul-death, it’s also a terrible business strategy for an entrepreneur.

When I finally dared to say: This is Who I Am, This is How Much I Feel, and This is What I Stand For. Without Apology.

That’s when everything changed.

Not overnight, because, you know that’s a myth right?

More like subtle shifts (or shoves) and a few (sometimes scary) leaps into Alignment.

It started to feel like fun. It started – and still feels – like the grand adventure my soul always wanted.

It feels deeply fulfilling and energising.

Because what I’ve realised is.

The greatest form of Self-Care is Self-Expression.

Infact, it’s all your Soul really wants.

For you to be who you really are.

For you to shine your quirky light, unapologetically.

Weird, quirky, full-on or quiet, you’re not ‘too much’ and you’re 100% enough.

I know the pain of feeling like you can’t express yourself. I really, really get it.

And, I know that on the other side of letting go of worrying what people will think, lives Joy.

That’s why everything I do is with the intention to support you to to stand in the centre of your own life, and dare to share your true, wild-hearted, unapologetic voice with the world.

The fine art of Being You in a world that tries to confine and define you, is an adventure worth going on. I’m here to support you on that adventure, if you need me.



I loved attending Kate’s Wild Voices Retreat in May. Her work is gentle, loving, deep and profound but at the same time fun, creative and playful.

I have had a real block around business and money for most of my adult life but she completely reframed it in my heart and mind. She sees into each person and the unique gifts and beauty they have to offer and bring to the world and supported each of us in such a nurturing but powerful way.

I felt so uplifted and energised after 3 days working with her and it was also amazing fun. Kate really is a gifted and heartful coach and I highly recommend her work.

~ Jacqualene Ryan

The 'Official Bio'

Kate Wolf is the founder of Wild Voices™ and creator of the Beacons Sisterhood. A trusted spiritual teacher, she lovingly guides sensitive women to stop bowing at the altar of What Other People Think and connect to their real dreams, so they can follow their inner GPS to wild success. A leading voice in the movement to grow a Purpose-Full Business that is sustainable for our health and our planet, Kate transforms bland messaging into brands that beam with personality, helping you find the story that will turn you into a beacon for Clients who are a joy to work with, so your work both fills your bank account and leaves you feeling truly fulfilled.

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