Hey Brilliantly Sensitive Entrepreneur!


I help you own the gifts in your sensitivity so you can grow a business in alignment with who you REALLY are (that’s when it gets fun!)

I help you build your sensitivity into your marketing and your business growth. That means – no more overwhelm, no more over-riding your sensitive nervous system and no hiding the fullness of who you are – your empathy, care, love, creativity and MAGIC.

When you are connected to your sensitivity and owning your gifts, you can build a purpose-full, prosperous business that feels like play.

I do what I do because…

I want a world where the deeply feeling, big hearted women are the LEADERS.
I want a world where care, love and sensitivity are VALUED
I want a world where the ones who are good at listening, are the ones who are being HEARD.
I want a world where the money is the hands of the people who CARE.


What I’ve painfully experienced and seen again and again with my clients is that even though you are wise, intuitive, intelligent – We can fall down at the altar of What Other People Think.

I see brilliantly sensitive, magical women decide to make a living from following their calling. And go watch every free webinar out there, get caught up in learning about funnels and webinars and facebook ads and – ooh. Even just thinking about it makes me feel stressed. And from that place – do you feel creative? Or do you feel overwhelmed and want to get back into bed??! (I’ve totally done that).

The thing is, when you are following someone else’s system to success, there are three potential outcomes. One, you follow all the rules, you squeeze your star-shaped soul into a square box and you make it work. But, surprise-surprise, it doesn’t feel good because it wasn’t internally-led. Two, you follow all the rules and it doesn’t work. And you make it mean something wrong about YOU. Three, you simply cannot force yourself to follow instructions that feels so out of alignment and so it doesn’t work and you make it mean something wrong about YOU.

When you work with me we will unpick all the ways you follow shoulds and oughts until you become crystal clear about your OWN desires, values, vision and Purpose. And from that place of alignment with who you really are, from that place of deep-listening to Source and to what wants to come through you, we will build the business your soul wants.

When you are YOU, your people can find you.

Let’s turn you into a Beacon for your Soul Clients.

If you are a healer teacher coach leader artist change-maker innovator dreamer…

  • Who wants to make a living doing what you love
  • And LOVE THE WAY you do it
  • And love who you GET TO BE when you show up to work
  • Dressed as the real you
  • Speaking as the real you
  • Writing as the real you
  • Hanging out with clients as the real you…

(Because that’s when Life gets fun and Work feels like Play)

This is how we can work together:

Story School

Become a Beacon for your Soul Clients

Share the Magic Inside

Reveal the Real you and Revel in your Revenue

Join the Beacons

Burn Bright (not out)


Ready for the deep dive? 


Become a Beacon for your Soul Clients

 A 5-week guided journey to finding and crafting YOUR story.

Join Mesmerise

Share your Voice, Reveal your Magic, Grow your Business

A 12-month deep dive for purpose-led entrepreneurs.

My Purpose is to activate yours.


To help you believe in your Dreams of what is Possible. And support you as you navigate the path that emerges in front of you as you step onto it. With tools to help you face your fears, eliminate overwhelm, and keep choosing joy. I can’t wait to meet you on that path.

PS. I work with highly sensitive people who WANT to grow a business by sharing their voice. If there is fear, we can work with that. But if someone did NOT want to show up and share their voice, I’m not the business coach for them. There are other coaches who can teach how to build passive income with automated funnels and back-end gymnastics- I am not that coach. Also, if ALL someone wanted to do is make more money with no desire for it to fulfil their Purpose or help our world, if they cared only about profit at any cost, I am absolutely not their Coach. On the flip-side, if they think it’s wrong to make money from sharing their spiritual gifts, I’m also not the coach for them. Lastly, if they are committed to this journey being hard, I am not the coach for them. Will it be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy? Probably not. Will we need to dive to the messy depths to bring up the gold? Yes. But does it need to feel like a struggle? 100% NO.

If you ARE ready to dive to the truth to find the gold. If you are brave enough to let this be fun! If you are READY to make money from your Spiritual gifts AND you want your work to be more than about making money – if you want it to start a movement or leave a legacy (or both!) and if you want to build a simple business model that is full of your personality, that is Purpose-led and leads to Prosperity for you and our world, and you want to do that by finding the courage to show up and share your voice as a highly sensitive women- chances are, I’m your Coach.

We need to let go of who we think we are, so we can become who we really are