When you write from your Wild Voice you change your life.

When you share from your Wild Voice you change the world.

Wild Voice writing allows you to connect with your body – where your truth and wisdom live – and write from there.

Unleash real, raw and powerful truths that will transform your life and the lives of those they touch.

Learn how to write posts, blogs and maybe even a book from this potent, embodied place where the words flow.

Nothing to get right
and nothing that can be wrong

Clients have found that the Wild Voice work has helped them to:

* Unlock energy and vitality that has been stifled
* Reveal what they really want to talk about in their marketing and in their work
* Call in their just-right clients with ease

Are you Ready to take a journey of un-becoming the things that were put on you as expectations, so you can become the fullest version of the real you?

Discover what your Wild Voice wants to say with the Wild Voices Bundle: 

This Wild Voice Bundle contains three potent audio recordings for you to work through in your own time and re-use whenever you need.

Experience the magic of being guided to meet the inner wisdom that lives inside you. The magic of speaking what you know to be true, no proving or convincing needed. The magic of creating space for what needs to be expressed. The magic of tuning in to how nature created and crafted the unique expression that is you.

Meet your guide: 

Kate Wolf went from professional Clown to Six Figure CEO. She’s the founder of Spirited Business and creatrix of the acclaimed StorySchool and Mesmerise. Kate supports service-based business owners to build businesses that balance their unique magic with tried-and-tested mechanics, resulting in easeful and joyful growth. As a catalyst for creative self-expression, Kate helps entrepreneurs to stop bowing at the altar of What Other People Think and dare to share their own unique voice. It is from this place that they find the work they really came here to do, and the words that sell it. Her lovingly crafted body of work supports business owners to become wildly successful, in ways that allow them to burn bright, not out.

Through Spirited Business and her two signature programmes, Kate weaves together her gifts of deep intuition, storytelling magic, and the practical ability to bring an idea through into a communicable form – all whilst ensuring the process feels joyful and fun. 

Kate has spent 7 years ‘in the field’ working with hundreds of brilliant business-owners, helping them to trust their ability to communicate, and turning bland or confusing messaging into brands that beam with personality. Kate will help you speak from the heart, with clarity, purpose and concision, articulating the message and offering that will attract your just-right clients to your business door.

“I can testify to the magic of exploring your Wild Voice by looking at my bottom line. Pure and simple reflection of diving deep within this work.”

Inger Madsen

“I shared my Wild Voice writing recently to launch my new Poetry Breakthrough Experience challenge and instantly attracted 7 fabulous new people to my community. It’s so magnetic.”

Rionach Aiken

“There’s so much collective healing and inspiration that comes from this process, it’s absolutely priceless.”

Valdirene Ruston

“It has reminded me that nothing about me is wrong, it has given me a solid foundation to be myself.”

Claryn Nicholas

The Wild Voice Certification training

In 2022, Kate trained the first cohort of Wild Voice Facilitators to guide people to re-wild their voices. This evolution of the Wild Voices work will see it being shared with people of all ages from all backgrounds: in schools, youth clubs, men’s, women’s and non-binary circles, prisons, diversity trainings and to bring healing in relationships and families. 

 In the future, we envision Facilitators from all walks of life and across a diverse range of specialisms using and adding this process to their existing work, to further help their communities find freedom, truth and courage through the wisdom of their Wild Voice. 

Moments captured by Mi Elfverson from the Wild Voice Facilitators In-Training Retreat.

Meet the Wild Voice facilitators

Nina Khoo

Nina is a Highly Sensitive Creative Visionary, Mother, Wife, Guide & Supporter of other Sensitive Women who share a passion for making the World a better place.

Nina helps women ignite their sensitive power through Wild Voice work, coaching & Nia Dance.


Maggie Rose Cunningham

Maggie Rose Cunningham is a highly sensitive leader with a 20-year career in higher education behind her. She has also written in and illustrated esoteric books, trained as a tarot reader and a reiki master and founded two holistic healing practices. After experiencing burn-out for the second time she left a director-level position vowing to find the secret to serving purpose without sacrificing everything else. She now runs two successful training and coaching businesses helping ambitious & sensitive leaders and spirit-led entrepreneurs care for their souls and grow their careers.


Kirstine Weaver

Kirstine Weaver is a transition guide who holds space for people of all genders to slow down, connect to themselves and discover their unique truth.

Their personal exploration of freedom from gender socialisation and healing from chronic pain informs Kirstine’s approach to supporting healers in alchemising patterns of stuckness, so they can show up with more care and authenticity for their clients as a freer version of self.

Kirstine has held space for those at the beginning of their lives, assisting parents with cloth nappy advice and breastfeeding support, through to dementia and end of life care. They are currently in training as a Sexological Bodyworker, and a Wild Voice facilitator.

Kirstine is agender and uses singular they/them pronouns.


Valdirene Ruston

Born in Brazil, Val has lived in 3 different continents and has a 10-year background in international radio news broadcasting.She has a natural flair and curiosity for understanding different cultures and languages, and the impact these have in our societies, social acceptance and inclusivity. She finds motivation in her passions for social change, education and issues surrounding women and families.

These passions are vital to her personal motivation and responsible for her gentle and grounding nature in leading women’s circles. She has made the journey from radio producer and presenter, to freelance interpreter for Brazilian footballers, to Women’s Life Coach and circle facilitator. At the centre of all this work, is the thread of deep listening, presence, bold questioning and a love for understanding people.

Val is a Certified Coach with One of Many™ and is currently in training as a Wild Voices™ Facilitator under the guidance of Kate Wolf. She lives in East Sussex with her husband and 3 children.


Dunia Shafik

Dunia is a life coach, an NLP Master practitioner and academically, she has a Degree and a Master’s Degree in childhood, youth and community work.

In 2016 Dunia’s life turned upside down and since then, she devoted her experiences, passion and personal story to help confused youth and prisoners.

Dunia’s story was a journey of shame, guilt and fear but gradually, connected her with her strong intuitive connection. She profoundly trusts this knowing and this allows her to embody deep acceptance and model complete forgiveness. When in Dunia’s presence you won’t walk in judgment or shame, as your truth will be witnessed with rejoice.


Morag Young

Morag is a business consultant, copywriter, storyteller and an in-house Wild VoiceTM Facilitator for Kate Wolf. She believes that words are the bridges that help us cross the unseeable and imagine better. Morag helps purpose-led solopreneurs and small businesses discover their most powerful tool – their voice – and harness it and the power of story to think better, find limitless solutions and grow their businesses.


Rionach Aiken

Rionach is a Visibility Mentor for Visionary Leaders and Poetry Alchemist™. She overcame decades of debilitating shyness to become a poet, speaker and transformation leader. As an energy-sensitive and seer, she can ‘read’ energy patterns and clear blocks from personal, collective, ancestral and soul levels. If you’re a soulful business owner or creative, Rionach is on a mission to help you transmute your visibility blocks, activate your visibility superpowers and create magnetic connection with your perfect people. Our world needs more visionary voices!


Emily Phillips

Emily holds temple space for Vocal Empowerment + Cultivating Intimacy. She helps leaders to align the nervous system, find joy in their communication and build empowering and loving relationships.

Emily has gone from professional opera singer + clown to energetic ‘seer’ and relationship mentor.

Her gentle + trauma informed approach brings restoration to the nervous system and reconnects people to a grounded sense of embodied wholeness.


Monika Vijh

Monika is a transformational life coach inspired by the vision of a world where we have all come fully alive. She partners with passionate, soulful individuals to define wild success from the inside out and start creating it in real time. Clients create a space for their hidden depth and richness to emerge, so that they can stop delaying on their dreams and reclaim their lust for life.
Monika’s chaotic childhood experiences taught her to get ahead by abandoning her feelings and desires. A life changing tryst with cancer presented her with a ‘get out of jail free card’ to connect with wild truth and unbridled joy. She guides others to make impact in their world, in a wholesome, practical and deeply fulfilling way.


Carol Ann Usher

Carol helps women to trust in themselves and step into their courage. Softening, grounded, connected to self, others and nature; daring to dream; ready for a journey of adventure and purpose. Carol is a transformational coach and facilitator for Wild voice writing and story sharing circles. She continues her work supporting authors and helping to make science accessible and inspiring for learners.