How to claim the gifts in your sensitivity...and share them for purpose and profit

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– Tuesday 13th September, 9.30am – 11.30am UK

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– Wednesday 14th September, 1pm – 3pm UK

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Do make sure you’re on time as after the first few minutes we won’t be letting people in. I’d also like for you to read and agree to the following safety statement before joining.

Safety and Agreements

These classes are held by Wild Voice Facilitators in-training. This work is powerful, deep and profound and the majority of the facilitators are not trained therapists. The power lies with you to discern whether or not you feel safe to write and share about certain topics.

That power lies with you.

Should anything come up where it feels like you need further support, please trust that nudge and find a trained professional.

In order to make this as safe a space as possible, you agree that everything shared is to be kept confidential and you will not share other people’s words or stories beyond the session.

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I’d love for you to join me over in our private Facebook community, Highly Sensitive Wildly Successful. It’s a safe, supportive space for brilliantly sensitive business owners who want to stand out in their marketplace and burn bright, without overworking and burning out. And, it’s a safe space for you to share any or all of your Wild Voice writing following the sessions.

How to claim the gifts in your sensitivity...and share them for purpose and profit