Ready to grow your team to grow your business?

Here’s a special training to do just that.

This three-hour training looks at how to grow your team and how to do it in integrity with your vision. 

If you want to:

  • Find the right person to help your unique business grow
  • Hire so that it isn’t draining your time and your energy
  • Learn what methods and systems to put in place to help your new team member shine in their role
  • And even how your human design can help you to grow your business.

Then this is for you!

This training walks you step by careful step through when to hire,
exactly who to hire – and how to find them.

We also go behind the scenes with Virtual Assistant Megan Sharkey answering the Q:
how do I get the best from my VA?

Plus! We use human design to guide your growth, looking at how your business is designed to grow, what you uniquely are designed to spend your time doing, and who you specifically need support from for easeful business growth.