Dear brilliantly sensitive business-owner…


That feeling of frustration you have when you see people saying things you already know. Oh I know that feeling so well! And sometimes there’s a shallowness or empty-ness to those words – you just know you could say it even better because you’ve lived it! Right?


The thing is, bright one, you might be aiming that frustration in the wrong direction. It’s easy to make someone else wrong. But the truth is, that frustration is with yourself – for not stepping up and saying what you know to be true.


Each time you ignore that pull to share your truth and instead put your energy elsewhere – helping whoever asks for help, diving into the next healing certification or facebook ads class. You actually take yourself further and further from the satisfaction and fulfilment you desire.


Because the answers don’t lie there. Not yet, anyway.


You have what it takes, I promise. But you can’t dream your way there. It’s time to let your voice be heard- even if you don’t know exactly what you want to say yet.


The message will be formed by sharing it – and the responses you get.


The WORK will be formed by sharing it – and the responses you get.


You cannot work it all out to perfection by yourself in your head (no, not even with your journal).


There will always be room for improvement. There will be things you get wrong. I know you don’t really want to hear that bit but I also know you’re committed to truth.


There might never be a finished, perfect iteration of your business model or client journey. It will most likely constantly be growing, evolving, shifting – as you do. Along with your role in it all.


The ONLY way to deepen your understanding of your work in the world is to share it with the world. To put it out there, perfectly imperfect. To dare to share. To see who responds. To reflect on real-life feedback. To tweak, and continue to share. Step by Step.


In yoga teaching we learn about Vinyasa Krama. Step by Step. Every (good) yoga class has an intelligent sequencing to it. You don’t start with a massive back-bend or head-stand. You warm up and strengthen the appropriate muscles as you lead up to a ‘peak’ position – and then you warm down. And then you rest and integrate.


Growing your soul-inspired business is a beautiful, sometimes difficult, often-surprising, always growth-inducing journey.


And, like all good journeys, it is helpful to have a guide.


I know you like to think you can do it by yourself. I used to think so too. I was wrong.


There were things I needed to be taught. Beliefs I needed help to let go of (so many beliefs). There were things I needed to say out loud to non-judgemental listeners. There were thoughts I needed to be guided with – ‘no, that’s absolutely not for sharing. That is for you’. There were times I needed to be asked the exact right question to draw out my inner-wisdom or how I really felt about something. Guidance to de-condition myself from received ideas about what ‘business’ ‘should’ look like. There were arms I needed to cry in. There was championing and cheerleading I needed when I doubted myself. There was celebrating to be done – which is generally better when shared.


In fact, I am so grateful to the people who have helped, guided and taught me, along the way, that I am currently re-writing my About Page to include thank-you’s to them. Because I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am, doing what I do, without them.


And that frustration? I rarely get it anymore. When I do, I know immediately that it’s time for another up-level. That there’s something which is for me, which I am ignoring. That it’s time to notice. And I do the work to grow and I get the support I need so I don’t have to do it alone and the joy and fulfilment continue to grow.


So if you’re feeling frustrated. If you’re looking around at people with thousands of followers and wondering what’s so special about them – turn your head. It’s the wrong question and it’s a waste of your precious energy.

Ask instead – what is special and unique about you? What do you want to share? What glorious message for the world do you have burning inside you?




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Photo Credit: Carlos Quintero at Unsplash


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