Highly Sensitive. WILDLY Successful.

Do you think you might be Highly Sensitive? (or maybe you know you are!)


Maybe you’ve been told you feel too much, overthink things, or even that you care too much. That your optimism is unrealistic, your imagination too strong, your ideals too lofty. Maybe you buried that part of you deep down inside, for fear of being ridiculed, criticised, or made wrong.

Maybe you talked yourself out of your real dreams and are just letting the ‘acceptable’ parts of you be seen. While hiding your magic in a drawer.

I believe the gifts that come with being Highly Sensitive – Intuition, Empathy, Deep Care, Creativity and Insight – are the gifts the world needs right now.

And here’s the thing.

You didn’t come here to fit in.

You came here to shake things up.

If you’re an HSP, you are a Healer. And a Leader. And we need you. Exactly as you are.

Not fixed, prettified, slimmer, curvier or with more certificates.

Just as you are.

Because nothing about you is wrong.

It’s time to embrace your magic, and dare to share it with the world.


I’m Kate Wolf and I help brilliantly sensitive women entrepreneurs to turn down the voice of What Other People Think and turn up the voice on the wise, wild voice of your intuition (your inner-GPS to Wild Success) so you can build a purpose-full, profitable business. 

Do you have a feeling there’s something inside you that wants to be expressed?

Maybe you want your message to reach a wider audience.

Or quite simply you know it’s time for your business to grow. 

You need my new guide:


Kate has completely transformed my ability to share my story and reach clients, but also to feel personally more confident and able to put my head above the parapet. So if you want a combo of business marketing and personal support, Kate is my number one recommendation. I always recommend her as someone that can help you with the practical (and magical!) side of getting your message out there.
Jen Le Marinel

WildFire Walks

Kate created a sacred space in which all the women present could explore their own questions, obstacles, fears, dreams and visions in equal measure. We were totally welcomed as we were- and we were lovingly encouraged & invited to be our most real, most wild selves. Kate leads in a fierce, gentle, wise and curious way. The retreat surpassed my expectations and what I experienced was nothing short of magic.

Ella Carey

Full Spectrum Health

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