Our natural state is as a flowing being. But along the way fears, negative thoughts, insecurities, unhelpful beliefs and self-consciousness come along and tie us up in knots of anxiety and stress. You see it in the street every day. Outbursts of anger, hunched shoulders, fear of eye-contact.

There is another way.

It’s not easy.

It’s a radical act.

Of self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance doesn’t mean accepting yourself when you are successful/rich/your ideal weight/insert appropriate word for you here…

It means NOW. Just. As. You. Are.

The irony is, when you have the courage to do this, things to start to shift.

Your inner critic quietens down.

Your self-consciousness is dismantled, and self-awareness emerges.

You speak a little louder, because you believe what you have to say is important.

Can you imagine if the flowers did not bloom, for fear of what others might think? Or the stars were too self-conscious to sparkle?

(Image via: Alexandra Krassa)

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