This week I want to share with you my first ever performance on stage… as myself.

In some ways, being in front of an audience feels natural to me. I grew up dancing on the stage. At University I spent more time in the studio than the lecture hall.

I even dedicated two caffeine-fuelled years of my life to exploring creativity and performance at The London International School of Performing Arts, guided by an international team of theatre professionals who were themselves intent on pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a creator.

I learnt about presence and how to engage an audience.

I learnt to follow my impulses instead of ‘trying’ to be ‘interesting’.

I learnt to explore the different colours and characters inside, and give them space to breathe. To live. To be seen.

I absorbed these experiences, and I teach many of them in my work now.

But there was always a character, a mask, a costume, a certain theatricality (of course) about it.

So when I was asked to speak on the stage at Inspire’d, the UK’s leading platform for inspirational and transformational talks, it felt like a whole new territory. To show up simply as me, sharing what I believe in.

Here’s my talk:

And how did it go? Here’s some glowing feedback:

Kate doesn’t do a speech or a talk. She offers an artistic, expressive, poetic journey that takes us with her. She is sensual in the truest way – right in her body, owning the stage, reminding us all to be present in our own skin. Thank you!
Christina Caeliss, ‘Aphrodite’

Over to you

I truly believe that you make the life you dream of more (or less) likely by the way you live in this one now. My question for you is – are you being the kind of person you need to be to live your dream life? Or are you doing things you KNOW this future you simply would not do? Or NOT doing things that she would do without even thinking about it?! Share where you’re at in the comments below.

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