A 7 week live online course to support you to make really good money with your magic 

Are you ready to make a living sharing your deepest gifts?

Are you ready to claim your deep knowing?

Are you ready to stop apologising for your sensitivity?

Are you ready to put your magic

How to claim the gifts in your sensitivity...and share them for purpose and profit


FIND YOUR MAGIC – know what makes you unique 

OWN YOUR MAGIC – deeply integrate the value of what comes naturally to you 

SHAPE YOUR MAGIC – create really good offers that lead to profound transformations for your clients 

SHARE YOUR MAGIC – develop a rhythm for showing and up and shining  (aka marketing 😉 )


By the end of the course you will have discovered the right ways FOR YOU to share your business magic with the world so you feel confident to talk about your work, invite people to work with you, and receive really good money for your coaching, healing, teaching and guiding. 

All with kind productivity, rest and play integrated throughout so that the journey is easeful, joyful and growth-inducing without being overwhelming. 


It’s for healers teachers coaches and guides.
It’s for highly sensitive business owners who want to make good money while making their difference.
It’s for you when you want solid business advice and opportunities to tune into your intuition.
It’s for you when you’re ready to let your work be your Joy.
You’ve travelled deeply in your chosen field: trained in energy work, voice work, alternative medicine, feminine embodiment, creative therapies, coaching and/or training.
You’ve attended the marketing courses, social media trainings, maybe even learnt how to sell from the stage.
But after all of that, your business is still not an expression of YOU
Here’s why it’s been hard:
You’ve been trying to squish your star shaped soul into a square shaped business model
You’ve been trying to follow rules not made for you – and ignoring some that are!
Here’s the thing: there ARE business principles that make things work. These we should follow.
Then there are simply things that happen to have worked for someone else – someone with a different set of credentials, collateral and connections. These we should NOT blindly follow.
Let’s get you grounded in foundational business practicals that work and centred in your
own deep knowing of your work.

‘During the 7-week journey, what was most transformational was allowing myself to trust the words that came, without the need to overthink or analyse beyond a thorough proof-read. To allow that deep knowing to say ‘yes, that’s it’ and then hit send. There was very little agonising, and the small amount which was present was easily comforted by the group and Kate enabling me to find my voice again quickly.

Getting clear on my brand values and the essence, so I am able to look at what I’m putting out there easily and objectively – that’s where the agonising disappears. There’s no need because the lens is clear, so if the words / message doesn’t fit it’s so easily apparent.

I’m celebrating that I started a FB group challenge and am showing up repeatedly live, unscripted, post shower in a towel! I had the idea to start a bravery cold shower challenge, and just got on with it because I knew it was in complete alignment with my brand essence.

The way I feel now about getting my words and work out into the world is it’s SO much more fun! There is no fear about how what I put out there will be received. Now, when I am writing or speaking in alignment, there’s no room for doubt because the words take up all the space in their own right.

Claire Whatley

Meet your host

Kate Wolf went from professional Clown to Six Figure CEO. She’s the founder of Spirited Business and creatrix of the acclaimed StorySchool and Mesmerise. As a catalyst for creative self-expression, Kate helps highly sensitive entrepreneurs to stop bowing at the altar of What Other People Think and dare to share their own unique voice. It is from this place that they find the work they really came here to do, and the words that sell it. Her lovingly crafted body of work supports business owners to become wildly successful, in ways that allow them to burn bright, not out.

Through Spirited Business and her two signature programmes, Kate weaves together her gifts of deep intuition, storytelling magic, and the practical ability to bring an idea through into a communicable form – all whilst ensuring the process feels joyful and fun. 

Kate has spent 7 years ‘in the field’ working with hundreds of brilliantly sensitive business-owners, helping them to trust their ability to communicate, and turning bland or confusing messaging into brands that beam with personality. Kate will help you speak from the heart, with clarity, purpose and concision, articulating the message and offering that will attract your dream clients to your business door.

By the end of the course you will have discovered the right ways to share your business magic with the world AND you will have learnt (and experienced!) the most important part of business success… 

How to show up fully as YOU and share your magic in ways that will truly captivate your just-right audience and have them knocking at your online business door ready to pay (in full!) for your expertise. 

Spend 7 weeks with me and together we’ll create the kind of messaging that has people lean in and wonder, ‘are you inside my head?!’

Messaging that prompts the just-right-for-you clients to say, “I NEED to work with you!’  

Messaging that grows your business from sharing your deepest TRUTHS.

No manipulation required. No ‘manufacturing authority.’ 

Just you and your magic.

Because THAT IS the adventure that will lead to you making life-changing money with your world-shaping work.

Before working with Kate I was experiencing paralysing fear

The biggest transformation for me was finding that I truly want to coach around Legacy and actually seeing what this could be; what it means to me and how I wish to deliver it. I saw myself holding a retreat, I saw myself taking a client through steps.

Without Kate’s guidance and the support of the group, I never would have started Great Auntie Hetty’s Vlog or made a start on sales calls

Kate’s perspectives enabled me to believe in my own ways, to grow into more of who I am instead of hiding it away and trying to squeeze myself into a “professional”  personality that isn’t real and isn’t who I am. 

I’ve realised that I am creative and quirky and that’s O.K, it has a place in the world and I can now stop pretending otherwise!!!

I want to celebrate that I’m finding my own ways of expression, rather than fitting in.

I feel much more confident now, with a knowing that actually the world needs me to get out there.

I know you might feel nerves about joining, but don’t miss this opportunity to be safely held as you take steps in your projects. You will be truly encouraged to define your own ways, to show vulnerability and to learn from its richness about what you are trying to do. You will be made to feel O.K. with yourself and your progress at whatever stage you are at.

Kate talks a lot about magic and daring to be your quirky self and I would definitely describe her as Magiquerkical!

Heather Fitton