Women On Fire

Conversations on Passion, Purpose & Playing your Part

During the Women on Fire series, Kate Wolf hosted conversations with 12 incredible women thought leaders from around the world, who are all shining brightly in their life and business.


The result was a series of deeply moving and inspiring conversations about visibility, money, fears, receiving, dreams, sex, love, transformation, callings and much much more. Above all, the series inspired listeners to boldly step out into the world and share their unique voice whilst taking great care of themselves along the way…to burn bright, but not out.


As well as plenty of inspiration, each speaker shares their hard-earned insights into what it really means to live a life of passion and purpose, with implementable tips, tools and real-world, grounded advice. The series is now over, but we’ve got some very special offers to help you keep the flames burning.


Are you ready to get inspired by powerful women who are up to big things in the world? Explore the conversations below…

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Meet our incredible 12 speakers from the Women on Fire series…and purchase your favourite conversation:

Sophie Jane Mortimer

Sophie and I had a beautiful conversation around Sophie’s journey to find and sustain her true purpose in life. Just some of the things we spoke about:

  • How to balance a passionate desire for change with our needs as sensitive, emotional beings
  • The powerful daily ritual Sophie uses to get clarity on her true path and prupose in the world
  • Practical ways to bring yourself into harmony with nature, instead of trying to force yourself onto a linear path

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‘It was so inspiring to hear so many women who have thrown out the rule book and are carving their own paths, making new things possible. I loved how you guided them to share a combination of really personal stories – my favourite bit!- and also really practical implementable advice’

~ E Jones

Harriet Waley-Cohen

Harriet and I had a powerful conversation about supporting yourself through change, the power of transformation and living a fabulous life. We talked about:

  • The incredible experience that made Harriet a “black belt” at asking for help – and how that serves her now
  • What it’s like to choose a life where you are very visible, even when you’re sharing deeply vulnerable things
  • The answer to being happy in business – and Harriet’s practical, values-led system for choosing how she builds her business

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Jewels Wingfield

Jewels and I had such a rich and deep discussion about taking back our power as women and reclaiming the inner knowing that is our birth right. Our call was full of wisdom and it’s one that I know I’ll be coming back to again and again.

Just some of the things we spoke about:

  • Our need as women for connection and the support of our sisters, and the deep shame that has been culturally ingrained around our needs and desires
  • Why your vulnerability is your greatest gift – and not a sign of weakness
  • The importance of connecting back to your womb as the source of creative power and inner knowing


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‘Thank you for these incredible talks, Kate! So nourishing and inspiring!’

~ Divyam Bernstein

Darla LeDoux

If you’re interested in blazing your own trail, doing things differently, and bringing your whole self to your work, Darla really lifts the curtain on her hugely successful business in this conversation.

We talked about:

  • How Darla distinguishes between tuning in to her big purpose, and the intuitive nudges that guide her day to day decisions
  • The “crisis of purpose” that led to the current iteration of her business, and how it led to the continual evolution she now embraces
  • How she learned to trust her instincts, find answers within, and let her true self shine through


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Jenny Kovacs

Jenny and I had an inspiring conversation, about standing out, making a difference and shining brightly, whilst staying true to who you really are. During our call, Jenny shared the instantly implementable practices she uses, to help with everything from manifesting to making decisions.

Some of the other things we talked about:

  • How she came to see her darkest moments as gifts, and learned how to share them with the world
  • Her unusual daily practice around giving and receiving – and what it reveals about how we block ourselves from manifestation
  • The simple question to ask yourself if you’re frustrated about finding your true passion


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Lara Waldman

Lara and I shared a lovely conversation about manifesting abundance whilst staying aligned with your true purpose. We spoke of feminine power and of our tendency to hide our ‘jewels’, keeping ourselves small in the process.

We also spoke about:

  • Money as a vehicle to living your life’s purpose and one of the most supportive tools that you can use to help you make YOUR difference in the world
  • How taking action, no matter how big or small, is the most powerful way to move through fear, blocks and barriers in your path
  • That simply allowing yourself to ‘be’ in the world is enough (huge sigh of relief!)


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Bethany Webster

In a deeply personal and powerful conversation, Bethany Webster shared her work around healing the mother wound. She has such great insight about the different ways this wound manifests on a personal, cultural and spiritual level – as well as sharing how she discovered her purpose, and has grown it into a profitable business.

We talked about:

  • Why the mother wound is coming up for so many of us right now, and what we can do about it
  • A powerful question you can use to turn your triggers into new levels of empowerment
  • The art of befriending discomfort, in the service of transformation – and her radical approach to self-care


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Nicci Bonfanti

My call with Nicci Bonfanti was so resonant for any of us finding our own path as business owners. Nicci opened up about the scary time that showed her what she was truly capable of; the amazing lesson she learned when health issues and tech failures struck in the middle of a launch (it’s my new mantra!); and her tips for building resilient businesses without sacrificing ourselves.

We talked about:

  • The free test that helps you understand your nature using the 5 elements (And how she uses fire energy to grow her business!)
  • The simple tools sensitive business owners can use to cultivate resilience and support ourselves
  • How we can reclaim sales, based on human connection and relationships

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‘This is so wonderful. Both are so expressive about it! They have accumulated some amazing info about the menstrual cycle. Wonderful!’

~ Reen Sarai, on Kate’s conversation with Sjanie & Alexandra

Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Alexandra Pope

Sjanie, Alexandra and I  had a beautiful conversation about how, through listening to our inner rhythms and working with, not against, our natural impulses, our menstrual cycle actually empowers us to step out into the world and shine brightly.
We spoke about:

  • How our menstrual cycle and life’s purpose go hand in hand – by connecting to our natural rhythm, we connect to who we really are and enable a natural unfolding of our true calling.
  • How deeply supportive it becomes when we work in alignment with the four ‘seasons’ of our menstrual cycle  – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.
  • The unique and powerful energy that each stage brings – and the ‘sacred task’ that we are called to fulfil during each season.


For forever access to Sjanie and Alexandra’s conversation, click below

‘i loved this interview! I especially love the key word for each stage of the seasons of menstruation! I’m so grateful for your work Sjanie and Alexandra. In many parts of the world, menstruating women hide their cycle from shame! Your work, your words are so healing. I am blessed to see your work in my 30’s. Thank you Kate Wolf for this awesome exchange and sharing it with all women. I loved this honest authentic conversation’

~ Reena S, on Kate’s conversation with Sjanie and Alexandra


Toko-pa Turner

I had a wonderful conversation with Toko-pa. What a beautiful wander we took together: through the wild woods and magical mists of dreaming, consciousness and truth.

Among so many powerful insights, we mused on:

  • How our individual purpose connects to the wider ecosystem of the world
  • The connection between belonging, resonance and tribe
  • The “caramel ripple of synchronicity” and how it brought Toko-Pa home

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Carly Hope

Carly and I had such a delicious call together! Her passion for her groundbreaking work around sales and sensuality really shone.

Some of the topics we talked about were:

  • What happens when we outgrow a life we’ve built for ourselves, and find ourselves hungry for more
  • The power of oxytocin and sexual energy to free us from systems of oppression
  • The difference between orgasm, orgasmic energy, and orgasm as a way of life


For forever access to Carly’s conversation, click below:

‘I’ve always been brought up in family and around friends where sex was a bit of a taboo subject, so it’s great to hear women discussing it so confidently and openly. Delicious!’

~ Jen Le Marinel, on Kate’s conversation with Carly Hope

Lynn Hord

Lynn and I had a lovely conversation, full of laughter and light, about creating a life that is full of JOY. I had so much fun talking to Lynn and hearing about her passion for approaching life from a place of joy and playfulness.

Some of the things that we explored during the call:

  • How joy can be a powerful compass, helping to guide you towards the things that are right for you
  • The simple steps that you can take towards accessing more joy in your daily life – including building a list of ‘rescue remedies’ for an instant lift
  • Making planning joyful – how to maximise joy and fun through creating structure in your working week

For forever access to Lynn’s call, click below:

Meet your Host!

Kate Wolf is a catalyst for creative self-expression and businesses that beam with personality. She works exclusively with change-makers, healers, seers, pioneers, sensitive and creative souls – people who are here to make a difference. She does this privately and in workshops and retreats, as well as in her lovingly created Beacons Sisterhood, where bright lights gather to make sure they burn bright – not out. She brings years of experience as an intuitive energy healer, reiki master, yoga and meditation teacher and creativity expert to clear blocks to healthy self-expression and support clients to speak their truth. With a vast understanding of effective communication from work in the theatre and Creative Education – directing, writing, performing and teaching – Kate transforms bland messaging into stories that connect – from both the page and the stage. Kate has spoken and inspired on stages in the US and the UK, including Inspire’d London, the UK’s leading platform for inspirational and transformational talks, and Connect in New Orleans, where the world’s best transformational leaders gather.

If you know your work is about more than just making money – if it’s about starting a movement, lighting a way for a new world, taking a stand for something bigger than yourself – Kate Wolf will support you to own your magic, free your voice and shine your quirky light – so that those who need you, find you.

When you meet someone who is in their flow as much as Kate is, you know it’s no coincidence. Kate met me where I was, holding space for my own inner wisdom to be heard. With gentle strength she guided me to consider where my own blocks are, and gave me clarity about releasing and resolving them. If you’re ready to show up and move forward with courage, connecting with Kate is a rich experience.

~Madeleine Forbes

I feel more positive and more myself than I’ve felt in months. I feel excited about being more me in my work and how that empowerment and energy will flow into other areas of my life ❤. I forgot how it feels to be connected to my purpose and I feel really inspired to align to it in the coming months as I return to work. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

~Beverley Bowman

Kate Wolf has an amazing ability to make you feel heard, held and safe. I love her wisdom. Her most recent teaching on ‘Outrageous Desires’ allowed me the space to fully embrace my dreams. Thank you Kate!

~Stephanie Steyer