On Thursday, I’m off to Baltimore for a training retreat with my coach. I’m excited about this for many reasons – one being a belief that we share – that retreats are THE best way to experience a transformation or breakthrough in your Life and Business.

We all have so many ideas of ‘who we are’, and many of these are unconsciously imprinted on us by our family and society. When you deliberately, with intention, take yourself away from what you know, and those who think they know you, you get to experience something different – and experience yourself BEING different.

In the right space – a space that is created with the intention of welcoming your most true self – you get to experience THAT.

I know from experience that this is why there is so much truth in the cliché that you go travelling to find yourself.

But there are also tricky things about going abroad for training. The time difference for one – you don’t want to be tired when there’s new people to meet and learning to do! Of course there are more logistics when you’re showing up somewhere in person than if you’re attending a session online. AND, there’s the LONG HAUL FLIGHT. Long flights can be tiring and uncomfortable, they can dehydrate you and leave you feling stagnant.

Here are my ten favourite remedies:

Top 10 Self-Care Tips For Long Haul Flights

1. Befriend the staff! A couple of hours in to any flight I am always best friends with the air hostess or host, and they know to fill my teacup without even asking 🙂 I take my own teabags – chamomile is calming, and peppermint super refreshing, but more importantly, they’re both hydrating.

2. And, tea is not enough! If you buy water after security, you can take it in with you. Those mini-cups are useless.

3. I also take my own snacks – cut up cucumber is great as it’s hydrating, and peppers/carrots are good too.

4. Get comfortable! I always take 4 scarves/shawls. One for underneath me, one to support my lumbar, one for a pillow and one for warmth.

5. Don’t get stagnant! Circle your ankles, turn your head from side, drop your chin to your jaw and make half-circles with your head and neck. Take a walk up and down the aisles- that space near the bathrooms is great for a mini-yoga sesh! I don’t recommend handstands though 😉

6. Peppermint oil! It’s magical. A few drops at the base of your skull will wake you up for security. If you get a food grade one like Do Terra or Forever Young, you can put it in your water for a super-refreshing burst. (you can also put lemon oil in your water- both are alkalizing)

7. Take what you need for your evening skin-care routine to carry on as normal as possible. I don’t always feel like doing it at the time but I feel so much better after, and it’s like a signal to my body that it’s time to sleep. In the morning, I just brush my teeth and spray Rose Water on my face and neck (my fave is Rose by Absolute aromas) and use that peppermint oil again!

8. If you feel agitated or anxious, put your hands firmly on the tops of your shoulders and breathe into your belly- don’t let your shoulders move. Let your belly expand as you inhale and soften back as you exhale. Do this until you feel your state shifting, and your nervous-system calming.

9. Plan to be inspired… When else do you have this much time to yourself? Take a notebook and pens and see what downloads you get as you’re flying through the skies. Or, literally download and listen to your favourite podcasts or Ted Talks.

10. You may have flown a hundred times, but see if you can stay with an open awareness of how amazing it is. I always look like a child with my mouth hanging open as we take off. Stay awake to magic, always, and you will experience more.

Over to you

Let me know if you try any of these tips and if your experience of long haul flights changes! And if you have any tips of your own, I’m willing for my own experience to get even better 🙂

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