Don’t Burn Out … Burn Bright

Make 2016 your year of Self-Care and take the gentle path to Success as you share a 12 month journey with other Wild Women on the pioneer’s path.

When you are making a living from sharing your gifts (or dreaming of doing so) it can be HARD. You can pendulum between elated and ecstatic, and pure primal fear. Between feeling totally confident, and wondering if you’re completely crazy.

Without the right support system in place for you, it can be a really painful journey. And a slow one.

But it doesn’t need to be like that. Make the decision now to be supported in your light, to understand and embrace your shadows and to nourish yourself into your True power.

What you get:

~ My Wild Woman Success Survival Kit – your re-grounding, confidence-fuelling personalised process to have at hand for when your fears start to play havoc with your dreams.

~ My Savasana Sundays meditation – 20 minutes of deep, healing relaxation.

~ A new meditation each month to support you in tuning back in to your deepest knowing.

~ A Restorative and/or Yin yoga practice each month.

~ Monthly interviews with other Self-Care experts on a range of topics including nutrition, aromatherapy, crystals, inner-child healing, living with your cycle, healing the mother wound and shamanism.


A place to come and share where people GET IT – no-one here will tell you to pull yourself together, stop dreaming so big or to get your head out of the clouds

AND – be the first to receive a copy of my book, Self-Care for the Wild Woman at pre-release.

Remember – having a support system in place is the difference between the journey to living your dreams being terrifying… and it being the most joyful, expansive, fulfilling thing you will ever experience.

Let’s get a soft blanket of Self-Care under everything you do to support you in 2016 and beyond.

Are you ready to join the Sisterhood?

The Beacons Sisterhood opens its doors twice a year to new members…to find out how YOU can join the Sisterhood, sign up below to receive more information:

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