Are you ready to turn down the volume on the voice that worries what other people might think? And turn UP the volume on the wise, wild voice of your intuition?

You know, the one that leads you to magical synchronicities, courageous self-expression and a life of purpose and meaning?


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Hello! I’m Kate Wolf.


I help intelligent AND intuitive coaches, healers and general rockstars whose heads sometimes get in the way of their deeper knowing. You know when you catch yourself doing ‘better-keep-busy-action’ instead of inspired action? I help you stop doing that. And start to trust more. So you can experience more magic, ease and grace than you ever thought possible.

If you’re ready to live a life of purpose, meaning and magic, it all starts with letting go of what others (may or may not!) think and getting deeply connected to the truth of YOU.

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  • Reconnecting to your dreams, desires and deep knowing
  • Finding and honing your true voice so you show up as who you really are
  • Making the paradigm-shifting difference you were born to make


‘Can I just say your Wild Voices Survival Guide is brilliant? I’ve just read it. Very useful and gave me tingles!’

~ Sarah Ryan, Lawyer and Emotional Eating Expert

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