The Wild Woman Success Manifesto

The Wild Woman is whole; she does not try to be what she is not, and she will not fit into a smaller shape than the one she was born for.

The Wild Woman is your inner wilderness, the you that does not need to please and is not scared of stepping on toes; she grows like wild flowers and trees that stand strong even when given nothing but a square metre of space among the concrete of the city.


The Wild Woman loves daringly with her whole body, whole heart, whole being.

She trusts and falls and trusts again.

Her deep intuition is her guide, her business-partner, her final answer.

Her work is her art – she creates because she cannot not create, because creation is part of her very nature; she creates to feel alive, to feel life pulsing through her

She does not aim for happy,

but for something much fuller.

In her openness, she feels deeply. She feels the pain of the stamping down of women over the centuries, the silencing, the shaming that became self-shaming. She feels it keenly in her womb and she mourns the loss of our power… and she knows it is returning.

She knows that the marking of ‘sensitivity’ as ‘weakness’ has harmed not just women, but men; not just our girls, but our boys. She sees that as a society we need to turn this judgement on its head and revere sensitivity for all it can bring, if nurtured, if allowed.

The wild Woman knows the magic of the seasons, of life-death-life, of growth and letting go, of a time for this and a time for that. She knows the secrets of our menstrual cycles, the wisdom and power of living as a cyclical woman.


She sees through the myth of linear time, the myth of productivity as the ultimate aim, she knows how to surrender to divine timing, to flow, to…

She does not need to shout and scream to be heard, though she can if she wants. She can whisper a room to silence and bring forth soft tears of knowing, recognition, longing when she shares the truth we are all waiting to hear

She knows there is a great unlearning to be done, a yearning for deep, true, maskless connection and unconditional loving.

She is beneath our shame, our fear, our doubt, our conditioning. Our judgements on judgements.
She does not need to understand or explain or justify or make excuses for existing.

She is the one we strangle when we do not speak our truth. It is she we betray when we silence ourselves to please another, or apologise before we speak.

It is she we drown when we dampen and disallow our desires, telling ourselves we are not worth that much.


The wild woman cherishes a big, succulent YES to life, and adores the strength and solidity of a NO just as much.

She knows inside when it is time for one, and when it is time for the other.

She knows the power of sitting in circle with her sisters, of tasting the truth, of being seen in her open vulnerability.

She devotes each day to opening a little more to life, to the life inside, to letting it in and letting her out.

She stands strong and wild and free and her emergence will shake and heal the Earth.


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