Today is the last day of the ‘Screw Work Lets Play’ 30-Day Challenge, led by John Williams, who has inspired, cajoled and occasionally kicked us up the backside to ‘play’ for at least 20 minutes a day – he calls it MicroBlocking – on a project of our choice.

I wanted to write a book. I had the title already: ‘Self-Care for the Wild Woman’.

In a month!

I know, more like ‘Mad Woman’ right?

And today is the day we are supposed to share what we have been working on. So, I have racked my brains all weekend thinking ‘what can I share??’

At the beginning of the month I got a very strong intuitive hit- clear your diary and go somewhere wild. So I did. I stayed in a shepherd’s hut in the middle of the fields in rainy Wales and wrote and wrote and wrote.


Wild Meadow 2

The book poured out of me.

And then I came home and tried to pull it all together and edit it and clean it up and it just felt wrong. It wouldn’t let me.

And I realised that I had let something that is so important to me AND that I love doing become a stress, because of a self-imposed deadline.


So, I’ve made a massive decision.

I wanted to have this book ready for Christmas. And I will.

Christmas 2015.

I’m going to live this book for a year. All that I talk about, and teach, I’m going to live, month by month, as I edit each chapter.

One chapter a month, not twelve in a week.

That feels do-able, and it feels fun again.

Because it’s going to be a journey.

And you’re invited along.



I would love to have you along for the ride with me. Community and deep connections and sharing really fuel and motivate me and therefore they will fuel the book.

And when you hold the book in your hands, you will know you were part of it existing in the world.


So what’s the book about?


It is about cultivating the courage to dive deep down,

beneath years of conditioning,

and being told things about ourselves

and taught things about the way the world is,

so we can reach the depths of

who we truly are




In order to reach this you need to dare to be quiet

to be still

to be alone

to have moments of nothingness and empty diary space

to be lost

to say things out loud that you’re not yet sure of to see how they taste in your mouth

to question your beliefs about everything

to stand out from the crowd

to be wrong. Very wrong. To fail. Hideously.

To get up and keep going.

To rest when you need.

To rest BEFORE you need.

To listen to your intuition. To Trust it. To Act on it.

To remember that life is FUN. If you let it be.

If you really let yourself see it

See the wonder of the world

and let your jaw drop

at how full it is with moments to fill you right up

if you allow them

if you dare to stay open and let the goodness in

Wild Meadow walk 2

Are you in?


You can follow the journey – make sure to sign up for more inspiration and creativity from me. And why not come and join me over in my private Facebook group, Unapologetically YOU. It’s a safe space where all of you is welcome, in all your ambitious and scared, brave and sensitive, spiritual and irreverent, wise and silly, perfectly imperfect, paradoxical truth. I look forward to getting to know you there.



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