Last week in the blog I wrote that the only (and inbuilt) way to stand out authentically is to be YOU

I wholeheartedly believe that is the most attractive (literally) way of being and when you are you, your ideal clients will find you (which means – phew! – you can escape the niche police 😉 )

The tricky part is working out who you are.

Without the shoulds.

Without the shame.

Without the ‘That happens to other people, but not me’.

Without the ‘Well, she can say that because blah blah blah’.

Without the high security defence system in place that doesn’t let anyone in.

Without decades of other people’s judgements, internalised into a critical inner voice.

Without the ‘who am I to do that / say that / want that’.

Without the fear of who you might be without all of these.

The journey of authenticity is a journey inward to the place inside us that was never wounded – our Spirit, our spark. It is a journey of re-kinding this spark, blowing softly, gently, on the embers and watching as the flames of your newfound passion for life – your life – grow into beacons which light the way.

The journey inwards is the only way back to our natural state of being – a being in flow.

But it’s not about abstract navel-gazing.

It’s about getting (sometimes excruciatingly) honest with yourself, about yourself – recognising what masks you are wearing, and doing the work you need to do to show up in the world more fully as YOU.

What themes are occurring in your life that you need to look at and learn from?

What are you keeping quiet about, that needs to be said?

What truth are you desperately trying to hide from the world – perhaps even from yourself?

I’ve said it before, but some things are worth repeating. THIS is the missing piece of your marketing plan.

And when I say marketing, what I mean by that – what I teach – is Messaging. Your message to the world. Your ‘here I am and this is what I stand for and this is why I care so much’ statement. Your truth medicine.

If you are a big-hearted healer, teacher or creative entrepreneur, (and if you’re reading this, you probably are… or you dream of making that leap…) then these are the kinds of things your clients are desperate for – truth and connection.

Real connection.

It’s what the world is craving.

No more harming the world and ourselves for an outer idea of what success looks like. Let truth and connection be your beacons and let them lead you to freedom, love and inner abundance.

Want more where that came from?

Then why not come and join me over in my private Facebook group, Unapologetically YOU. It’s a safe space where all of you is welcome, in all your ambitious and scared, brave and sensitive, spiritual and irreverent, wise and silly, perfectly imperfect, paradoxical truth. I look forward to getting to know you there.

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