Dust - When life crumbles

Sometimes, when we start to change, it feels like everything is collapsing, crumbling around you and you think it’s going wrong. “Hang on, I thought life was supposed to get better!!”

But what if we need to implode? To let collapse the old ways?

If we were holding on so tightly… and now we are letting go… of COURSE there will be some crumbling! What else did we expect?

Because for newness to enter, there must be space.

There must be a dying of the old.

If there is not, what we have exchanged for the old is probably not new. Just the old in a new disguise.

A new boyfriend with the same core-wounding pattern that will jab at your own and keep you both relating from your pain. A lunge into Self-Employment with all the rigidity and rule-following of your 9-5 office job.

Most of us have preferred to labour on, thinking we are keeping ‘control’… but when we do this, we lose touch with our own depth, because we have lost touch with the depth of the Universe.

I was talking yesterday with a wonderful woman who is on the right path, right now, but just can’t quite believe it. She is looking for a very specific sign from the Universe – then, she will know she is on the right path. She said she still doesn’t quite understand how the Universe works.

I asked her if she thinks she will ever understand how the Universe works and she laughed. She saw the wonderful ridiculousness of requiring such a fixed sign. I asked her how it felt inside and she said it felt completely right.

I told her that WAS her sign.

The key? (there’s always a key right?) It’s not a 3-step plan for more chandeliers in your life.

It is a lasting plan for peace and deep fulfilment. AND it is a lifetime of committing again and again and again.

The key is Trust. Trust that we are being given exactly what we need.

Not in a passive, “Oh, this sucks, but I must be burning off old karma” kinda way (this is a GREAT excuse to stay exactly where you are)

But in an active, soul-searching, heart-opening, “What is the opportunity in this for me?” kinder way.

What is the learning? What is the gift?

I had another conversation yesterday – this one about hip openers. A yogi who wanted to open his hips more. So he sat for two minutes each morning in baddha konasana. I asked him where his mind was at while he sat there, and after reflection he said it was stressed.

We cannot open our hips while our mind is stressed. When you let go of outcome and open to the experience – when you allow yourself to FULLY be where you are, to drink in all it has to offer for you – that’s when your hips will open.

But that’s not the aim. The aim is to be where you are, to open to the moment, to turn towards rather than away.

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Can you commit to opening a little more fully, each day, to life?

To let crumble what needs to crumble?

To NOT understand?

To NOT have it all sorted?

But to TRUST that you are on the right path, and be on it consciously?

I have a hunch that might be the place where life suddenly becomes one big miracle.

Over to you

Letting go is hard: but I’m challenging you to think about releasing old patterns and making space for something new. What are you ready to let go of? Where can you let the old ways die off, to make way for the new? Share in the comments below.

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