A Reminder

There is nothing to force or MAKE happen
Your power is FAR GREATER than that
You are too strong for any violence…
especially towards yourself
There is nothing to work out or get right
You are too big for HOW-TO’s…
You can continue on your path of how…
But it will be a small path
and a small you who is travelling

If you want to experience miracles
you must learn to trust the mystery
to be OK with not knowing
and spread your arms wide in the midst of the ocean
and keep breathing through the storms inside

Now is not the time for dogma and rules
more ‘this means this’, more limiting definitions
Now is the time for heart-open wisdom,
Rooted, full-body knowing
Earth-belly devotion
Sky-dancing prayer
Love turned to Care and Compassion to Action
so that a healthy, wise, feminine grace can
soften our systems
inspire our leaders
encourage radical truth-telling
and set alight the spark inside that lets us know that anything is possible

if we only believe
if we only trust
if we only fiercely, defiantly refuse to believe that things cannot be different simply because they are not yet…



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Over to you

I’d love to know if this poem resonated with you… which lines sparked your soul. Feel free to share your own reminders in the comments.

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