What if there was another way to market?

With truth, instead of lies?
With trust in your audience, not trickery?
With a focus on the value of the people you serve, not the money?

There is… it exists…
And yet
It is waiting
Waiting to be breathed into being

By people like you and I
Who see big bold brash easy quick ick
And feel sick
And know that things aren’t true just because they rhyme
And sparkle

People like you and I
Who want to tell the truth
Don’t want to hide behind 6 steps to success
But want to dare to stand and say
This is me, this is who I am, this is what I stand for

If you are reading this
And feeling
Somewhere in your body
A tingling tiny yes of hope
Or a resounding howl of recognition

Then this is your path to tread
And you, sweet soul sister, are a pioneer

For there are women walking this path
But only a handful
And there are women who tried but fell off
And they we thank, for showing us the pitfalls and the hurdles
And there are too a handful of brave men
With lanterns in the dark

And what if we raised those lanterns up,
Above our heads
And saw the others looking too, for this path of truth
What if we linked arms and scoured the land
Until we found it
And walked it together?

For hierarchies and leaders is the old language
And the new needs a new form
It demands collaborative hearts and voices
Reminding us we are not mad
Supporting us in our dreams
Lending a hand when we fall
When we forget, all that we know to be true

Because we will.
Because it’s hard.
Because ‘find your purpose and then it’s easy’ is a lie.
Because that’s when it gets really hard.
When staying who you were is too painful
And to step into who you are becoming is more terrifying than death
Because in truth you are dying

That’s when we need to dare to ask for help
To say ‘I’m trying this thing, i don’t know yet, the words for it… will you help me?’
Will you bear with me while i translate the vibration of my heart into words the world can understand?
Will you listen with your whole heart?
Will you let me not have the answers?
Will you let me stumble in the dark?
Will you hold a lantern?

I will
I’ll hold it high when you lose your way
I’ll stand for you
when you forget how strong you are
when you cry and crumble
I’ll remind you
your essence is clearer now than ever
I’ll hold a lantern

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Over to you

I’d love to know if these words touched you… if you’re ready to shine your light. Feel free to share your own reminders in the comments.

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