A word on your word for the year Lots of people (myself included) have started to choose a word for their year, as a January ritual to set our intention for the months ahead. (Susannah Conway started it, I believe, with her ‘find your word’ course.) Last year, my word was TRUTH. And just in case you’re doing the same thing, I want to give you a heads up – or a little word on your word… Just so you know… So you can be ready… (I wish someone had warned me about this last year!) Everything that is NOT in full alignment with your word will hit you in the face. Bam! Bam! BAMMM!! Maybe it’s that you’re super-conscious of what you want, so everything that isn’t that is mega-obvious. Maybe it’s a gift, a chance to heal. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is how you choose to perceive it. It would be so easy to think “Oh my God I got my word wrong! I must have got it wrong. I’ll choose another one…” or forget about it. But you ARE ready. You DID choose the right word – even if it feels like everything you don’t want is suddenly appearing. In fact, I believe, that’s exactly why it’s happening. Because you are ready to let go of everything that is not in alignment with this word. But until now, that stuff has been unconscious. And so, you are gonna have to go through some sh*t as it rises up to the conscious level (or, y’know, you could just shove it back down…) Think of it like a cleanse. You start eating crazy healthy and you get a break-out on your forehead = “Whaa?? That’s not fair!” But it’s just that all the crap that was INSIDE is now coming out – in full, ugly view. My word for this year is FREEDOM. It makes total sense because I believe that on the other side of truth – especially on the other side of having those scary conversations that make us squeak inside – is freedom. True freedom. It also makes sense because I have a lot of travel plans this year – I’m off to Thailand in February, possibly Nepal, and New Orleans in March. And that’s just the first quarter! (By the way, I have space available for VIP days in Thailand so let me know if you want to share a little slice of freedom with me – in fact, we don’t have to share – you can have your own and I will show you how) But it also just feels right. It resonates sweetly with my dreams for the year. That’s how you know it’s truly your word for the year. And then, all that stuff coming up – it’s a gift. It really is. And we all know the bear hunt story right? When you can’t go over it, and you can’t go under it, that’s right – you gotta go through it.

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How about you?

Did you pick a word this year? Have you noticed some of the opposite elements suddenly appearing much more clearly, and how do you approach that? Share your story in the comments; I love finding out the intentions we set and the magical (and sometimes challenging!) way they manifest.

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