Are you cheating on your woo-woo?


I have a request. It’s been a long time coming, inspired by both real-life and online adventures. I’ve spoken it out loud and it’s been met with welcome arms by those who were ready to hear it.


My hope is that those of you who are ready for this message will stumble across this blog at just the right moment, for you.


My request is this:


Can we please quit referring to something very, very real, as ‘woo-woo’?


I understand (both from walking this path myself and accompanying many on it) that there is a phase in the Awakening journey where we refer to things we are doing as strange, weird, wacky or ‘woo-woo’.


It’s a safety mechanism. 


‘I cleanse crystals on the full moon/talk with Angels/actually love Enya but I’m going to laugh at it and call it weird so you understand that I understand that it’s weird and you don’t think I’ve finally lost it’




‘I’m going to judge myself first so you can’t’




‘I’m going to judge myself first, so your judgements can’t hurt me. I’m just weird, hahaha’


If you’ve been following my adventures for a while, you’ll know I’ve had a journey with the word weird, and claiming that Yes, I AM Weird!


Want to hear THAT story? Go here:


But like most things that are true, the opposite is also true. I may be running a business, but I’ve got a poet’s soul, and paradoxes are my best friends.




What if you’re NOT WEIRD?


What if what you’re sharing is not at all weird or funny or ridiculous or worthy of being laughed at?


What if it’s deeply true, how the world actually is, and worthy of respect?


And the crux of it is this – how can we possibly expect others to treat us and our ideals and dreams and beliefs with respect, if we refer to them as something funny?


We can’t expect that.


The way we present our beliefs has the power to effect how they are received.


I remember one night distinctly. It was about 10 years ago at a small University reunion in London and I found myself sat in a pub, talking about being able to feel energy. Throwing it around like a stand-up comic with a new joke.


They all laughed.


And I suddenly realised why I felt so lonely inside.


I was presenting my most treasured gifts as a joke. Holding out my hands with hard-won discoveries from courageous adventures on the path-less-trodden and pointing at them as if they were as precious as the plastic toy in a happy meal.


From that day forward, I practiced. Practiced saying what I really thought, my voice stable and grounded. Sensing the Earth beneath my feet as I spoke. Looking at the other person in the eyes.


Claiming my truth as my truth.


It hasn’t always been easy, but from that day forward, my life started changing.


Of course!


Because I changed.


And that’s not wacky or woo-woo, that’s simply how it works.


Can you imagine if we all knew how powerful we were, with our thoughts, words and deeds? And thought, spoke, and acted accordingly?


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What’s one thing that you actually believe but that you throw away or present as a joke? I DARE YOU to say it to someone, today, with no laughter, no ‘aren’t I being cute/funny/silly/weird’ smile and nothing else that might let you or the person you’re speaking to off the hook, because yes, you actually mean what you say.


If this post resonated, you may just be a ‘hiding Sorceress’, as I call the women I LOVE to work with.


If you’re ready to embrace your ‘woo-woo’…woops… embrace what you know is real and work in a way that honours your magic, you can book a call with me here:

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